5 must use SEO tools

5 SEO Tools That You Must Use

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry is growing enormously and has a worth of over $60 billion. SEO is being followed and implemented by the beginners as well, of course with the help of Google and the tools is has to offer. To remain on top ranking you need to handle the complex structure of complicated algorithms that keep on getting more complex. Search engines enable you to explore this by offering SEO tools to help you reach on the top spot. Though it’s not easy to convince them but here are 5 Search Engine Optimization Tools to that you must use:

  1. Google analytics

google analytics

Google analytics is a basic tool, which plays the role of a life support for any blog or website. You need to find out what works on the web and what keywords people type on Search engines. Google analytics dominates that arena and there is almost nothing you cannot find there in terms of quality. All the data is safe with Google and to explore it for finding out the right search words or keywords, you must associate with Google analytics. To assess online data virtually about visitors or traffic, you need to refer Google analytics, the sort of encyclopedia for the marketers.

  1. Webmaster tools by Google

google webmaster tools

When you know how to use Google analytics, it’s time to understand the power of Google Webmaster tool and what role it plays in online marketing. In simple words, it’s a bit more focused on search and optimization. You will some mind-blowing business insights, while you look at the dashboard. Marketers prefer to stay updated at regular intervals. However, its quite similar to Google analytics but a simpler version to handle, in terms of numbers its less complex and provides easy access. Google webmaster provides valuable link data i.e. search traffic, website links. It will keep you updated about unsafe back links.

  1. Keyword tool, now Keyword planner

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Keyword planner follows a premium approach to find out the search keywords. It assists you in organizing your search campaign. You can get estimation about specific keywords and traffic of your website. Keyword planner was earlier a Keyword tool, but now it has got updated with few additions, which means it’s not just about finding keywords now but also aims at AdWords rather than just following the basic organic keyword research.

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  1. Quick SEO tool- MozBar

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Picking up the right word and knowing about your stuff is what MozBar allows you to achieve. MozBar is simply available on the browser’s toolbar. You can tap on it and get a brief analysis of the website you have just visited. It’s a smart instant tool that guides you with the relevant information required at that moment. MozBar can be positioned at the top, bottom or either side of the window as per your suitability. It categorizes the data in three parts – Page Elements, Link data and Page attributes. The first one comprises of the structure of the SEO followed on a page. Info regarding the tags like Title, description, Headings and more is visible and accessible.

Link data explains about the ranking factors and vital information about the website links. However, complete version is accessible with paid subscription. While page attributes showcases some technical or behind-the-scenes optimization. It’s useful in true sense, if you have a paid subscription of it but still you can make use of the robust version, which is available free of cost.

  1. Analysis tool by SEO workers

seo workers analysis tool

This Analysis tool is unique as it allows the visitor to pull out report of any website they punch in, even if they don’t own it. It will instantly generate the report. It’s not something exceptional in basic functioning but it definitely saves time and gives relevant information about the data as well. Other SEO tools will guide you if your plans are working well or not. But SEO workers analysis tool will bring the SEO data that might help you learn better. For each category they have a detailed discussion to offer. You can find a comprehensive analysis with single or more than two keywords that are called Keyphrases. SEO workers tool especially helps a beginner to understand the tricky digital world better.

You also have Woorank, a complete data provider as it has to offer Social shareability, geodata, website specific info, plus it has got a mobile optimization section. All these functions are not so commonly found in other SEO analysis tools. Whether, it is in terms of interface, data quantity.  However, you cannot always rely on its accuracy.

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