How to Grow Your Facebook Page from 0 to 500 Likes in 5 Days?

Facebook is  network that no body is unknown about, its reach and popularity is equal to the quantity of mobile phone we have now. It started out as a connecting network for few students but now almost nobody is untouched by Facebook. The use may be different for everyone but having a Facebook profile is common among all. From marketing perspective, to start a Facebook page is not a difficult task to accomplish. Facebook page can easily cater enough viewership, at least can reach up to 500 or 1000 likes without wasting much time. To improve the results you can refer the following methods:

  1. Tag and re-tag method

Involving more viewers for your post is the primary objective. To tag the known contacts is the first step to take in the direction of improving the views and likes. Depending upon the subject you are talking try to tag those that you think would readily accept the invitation. Such attempt would not only boost the likes but can also adds more fan following to your page. To promote your page without spending any money at all, tagging is the simplest and effective method that works in your favour. Whatever response you will be getting would be real and therefore , those likes are hundred times better than the ones bought.

  1. Use Facebook ad campaign

To successfully aim at the target audience, its a precise technique to get the right kind of audience engaged to your message. There are so many options to promote your page or account. To choose the suitable one totally depends on the placement of the ads and the medium of the content. For instance, you can pick any format such as images, GIFs, videos, infographics and more. To do something different from other attracts more than usual, therefore, try to come up with new idea to break the monotony and make it inviting for the visitors to revisit your page.

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  1. Post original and relevant content

Content has to work for the page, which means it has to talk substance while maintaining the niche. That’s the only thing that sustains you in the market, otherwise there is to much of everything around. If you want your page to work for the right purpose that it is supposed to, put up something new and interesting for the target audience. Among so many pictures and updates grabbing attention is easy but to get them engaged is tedious. It’s simple, you got to follow the give and take policy. Put up there what they want to see so that they can reciprocate in the same manner.

  1. Get in touch with influencers

By associating with influencers of your field you get noticed by their followers o existing pages or accounts. Its a bonus addition to your account that enables to earn a shout out with your name tagged. Due to their strong position in the market you gain an active participation and engagement from the audience. Once you get recommendation from such reliable entity or person, followers and friends take you seriously and will be willing to interact as well.

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  1. Like your picture or post

Either you can tag your friends or the other way is to like your own posts and images as it sends notifications for others to check in their newsfeed. This meths might sound a bit too much but the purpose is to get more attention from your current followers. Their inclination may increase when a post will start to get decent number of likes as it will keep it circulating on the newsfeed. Chances of being appreciated will enhance if the followers find them relatable. Liking your own image is a worth-trying strategy to implement in order to spread the message among your followers, friends and indirect contacts.

  1. Buy Facebook likes

One of the most productive practices to improve your count of likes is to buy Facebook Likes. From so many offers, its difficult to choose one as the reliability factor  has to be confirmed first. Scammers and fake websites have many unbelievable offers for you to choose but most of them are nothing more than just  a fake promise. If you decide to buy likes, its important hat you find an established website, which has been in the market since few years and the reviews on Google has to cross-checked.

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