5 Ways Vimeo Beats Youtube for Video Marketing

Most of us would agree that in the world of business, quality surpasses quantity and this is where YouTube fails. Hundreds of video are uploaded every minute, you can’t expect all of them to be perfect. The amount of clutter on YouTube severely deceives the amount of quality content you can find on the site. Vimeo, on the other hand, is very particular about the content of its uploaded videos. Needless to say, you’re unlikely to find an hour long looped clip of cats being adorable on Vimeo. Set your goals and accomplish them by working hard. With more than one billion unique visitors, YouTube is way ahead of its competitors when it comes to the number. However, its biggest USP is also its weakest point as well. Maintaining a huge number of videos are always a difficult task, so, when it comes to quality, Vimeo might be the best option for you.

Video Quality:

Video quality

The quality of videos on Vimeo is just outstanding. YouTube is infamous for highly compressing video content and an insignificant share of the quality is lost in the process. But on Vimeo, your videos look as attractive as they do when you extract them out of your video editing software. Once your video is ready now you have a huge task to promote it! Gaining popularity is not that easy, you have to work hard to see yourself where you want to be. You can Buy Vimeo views and extend your reach and gain more popularity.

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Wanted: Pro’s Only:

You might have rarely seen someone that hasn’t used YouTube before, and it won’t be inept to say that this massive audience is one of the reasons for so much of the clutter on the site. Vimeo’s entire platform and community are much more professional than YouTube’s. A more positioned viewer base and quality content have been the reasons for Vimeo to feel pride upon itself. Instead of putting each and everything like a kitchen sink you can create and share content that truly engages.

Privacy Controls:

vimeo privacy

One great feature that Vimeo offers is that when you upload a video, you can also control the playback features for it. One really convenient feature is the ability to limit playback except via your own website, or another website that you want.

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Targeted Audience:

Image result for target audience

Videos have become as one of the most effective tools of marketing. Therefore, promoting a video is also important, so that it stands out in the crowd. You can Buy vimeo likes to get yourself noticed instantly. Although YouTube has more reach than Vimeo, but the time a visitor spend on a video on Youtube is way less than Vimeo. As the kind of videos you can upload on Vimeo is restricted, and Vimeo is considered premium than YouTube, therefore, you have a specific set of an audience here. Visitors on Vimeo are more likely to engage themselves in your video when you compare it to YouTube.

Unique Features:

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When you are promoting your content on a premium platform, then you enjoy certain privileges. First of all, there won’t be any kind of distraction which you always witness on Youtube. No annoying advertisements will be there and you can enjoy your videos continuously without bothering for anything else. You can also protect your videos through a password that means you can literally restrict the audience who can watch videos uploaded by you. Apart from this, you can also customise the URLs of your video on Vimeo. This is a wonderful feature, as you can use this tool effectively, so, visitors can even remember the URL of your video, which will ultimately give you an edge over your counterparts. Moreover, you can Buy vimeo views and specifically reach out to your targeted audience. This will ultimately be very helpful for corporate marketing.

Today anyone looking to make a mark in the social media cannot overrule Vimeo. With videos becoming the most effective way of marketing, reaching out to your targeted audience and communicating your message is a complex task. However, one can easily Buy Vimeo likes and create a lasting impression on the visitors. By promoting your videos on Vimeo you can not only get social prominence; you also increase your brand awareness as well. These are the most promising attributes of marketing on Vimeo and use it to reach out to your targeted audience.

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