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How to Download Songs from SoundCloud?

For music streaming service, SoundCloud is one of the best social networks among musicians and music lovers, in fact, is the most popular platform where one can listen and upload music of any genre. You will find latest releases and get to know about new artists in the industry and their work. SoundCloud allows you to access the songs for free, but when it comes downloading those tracks on your system, SoundCloud has not shown any support in that area. But if you are an official member of SoundCloud Pro, which is a paid version to listen and download tracks.

However, there are some developers who have attempted to make this happen. By using this Xposed module, one can download songs directly from SoundCloud. This method is a smart tool to download music on your android device. Here are the steps you have to follow these steps:

  1. Install Downloader

Firstly, you have to download Xposed Installer App, you will get it listed in the navigation menu. Among one of the SoundCloud downloaders, you can download the latest version of the App. Once the installation is complete, activate the module and reboot the system.

  1. Ready to use

Launch your SoundCloud Downloader and choose the location where you want to save the song. Also, you get to hide the launcher icon in case required. Once you are done with the settings, open SoundCloud and play the song to be downloaded. Press that three dot menu button and select ‘download’.

Please note that all the files downloaded in MP3 format are saved automatically in the module’s interface, which makes it easy for you to share with friends as it can be played on any music player.

Even if you don’t use this particular module and rather pick any other SoundCloud downloader you have to follow certain steps. Here are few examples of SoundCloud downloaders, which are more or less similar in functioning:

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  1. SoundCloud downloader on Chrome

Go to Google Chrome, add SoundCloud downloader extension as it works only on Google Chrome. When the version is downloaded, simply open SoundCloud site on a desktop browser, search for specific artist or songs you are looking for and click on ‘enter’. From a list of song select the song you want to download and press ‘download’ button. The file will be saved on your desktop or laptop within few seconds.

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  1. SC downloader website

Open the SoundCloud website on your computer, search for the podcast, song or artist, click on search option. The page will open where you can download a song from, Copy the URL of the song from the website and paste it on the download link bar of and press ‘download’. As soon as the song is downloaded you will get a file in downloads which can be saved and played.

  1. File manager on iPhone

Go to App Store and search for File manager App for documents, Click on the ‘Browser and file manager for documents’ and tap on ‘Get’ icon at the right-side of App and install. After entering your Apple ID, downloading will start and when the download is complete. Open SoundCloud’s desktop version, search for the song and open the page. You can now download the song which can be then opened with File manager App. After the song has been downloaded, go to the download page and open the song. You can add the song to iCloud Drive, select a folder on iCloud and save the file there. The file is now ready to use, you can play it numerous times on any device.

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