7 Cool Ways to Increase Your YouTube Reach in 2021

7 Cool Ways to Increase Your YouTube Reach in 2021

Youtube is a popular social media platform with an extensive reach of 2 billion monthly users. You can benefit from this extensive reach if you have a youtube channel with quality content on it, as youtube views are the true indicator of your video’s popularity. While content is the king for video’s popularity, here are some tips and tricks to increase your youtube reach and get more views. If you have a new channel on youtube and want to increase your channel’s popularity, we are here with some proven ways to boost your Youtube reach.

How to Increase Youtube Views?

Apart from the inorganic ways to increase your youtube views, you can gain more views by optimizing your video organically using these seven incredible ways:

1) Create “BOGY” Thumbnails to attract the audience

Thumbnails play a crucial role in your youtube video’s virality as it is the first thing people see when your video appears in the search results. So to make your video thumbnail attractive, use high-quality images with BOGY colors. BOGY colors stand for:

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow

The logic behind BOGY colors is that Youtube’s theme is primarily white, black, and red, so if you use these colors in your thumbnail, it will blend and won’t stand out to attract the audience. You can use a bit of red, white, or black color in your thumbnail, but prominently, it must contain your brand’s color or vibrant BOGY colors to look attractive.


2) Optimise Your Youtube Video Description

Youtube algorithm uses your video description to understand what your video is all about. So it is crucial to optimize your video according to the video content and to do that, you can follow the following youtube description template:

  • Strong Intro/Title of 2-3 sentences, including your target keyword and other crucial information.
  • Detailed description/outline of 150 words describing your video content with target and different related keywords included. Use all the possible keywords in the description on which you want your video to rank. Try to include your target keyword in the first two sentences to gain more attention.
  • After the 150 words description, mention links to your website and social media platforms to send traffic on other handles.
video description

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3) Get your video to appear in “Suggested Videos” for more views

Youtube always promotes “suggested videos” next to your video to let the audience play similar content. By appearing in these suggested videos, you can actually get more views and youtube reach. How to do that? The answer is by copying the metadata of popular suggested videos. Metadata refers to the keywords, tags, title, description, etc. You can take ideas from the similar popular suggested video and optimize your video’s metadata accordingly to appear in search results and gain more youtube views.

youtube suggested videos

4) Try alternate playlist layouts

If you have multiple playlists on your channel, always use horizontal and vertical layouts to gain more attention. This is because if you only use one type of layout, all your playlists will look similar and won’t stand out. To change layouts, click on Customize Channel on your page and then click on the pencil icon next to the playlist and choose the layout. This will definitely boost your youtube views.

alternate playlist youtube

5) Optimise your Video Title CTR

Your video title can either increase or decrease the views, depending upon how well it is optimized. Research on Hubspot suggests that adding brackets and parentheses to your Video Title can increase the clicks by 33%. Do your keyword research before optimizing your video title and once you find the right target keyword, add these steps to optimize your video title completely:

  • Keep the titles between 40-50 characters.
  • Use a number in your title that can be either about the number of tips you are revealing in your video or the year of the video or the number of steps in how-to-video to make it more transparent and attractive.
hubspot statistics

6) Use the “MVC” formula in your video tags to appear in search results

Apart from video title, keywords and description, video tags plays a crucial role in appearing in search results. Based on the type of video tags you use in your video, your video appears in the search results. So to use tags in the right way, optimize them using the MVC formula:

MVC formula for youtube tags

MVC stands for “Main Keyword,” “Variations,” and “Category.” This means that the first few tags must be about the target keyword of your video. Then, Use some long-tail-related keywords that users might search on youtube on which your video must appear in the results. Last, you must add the category of your video in tags to attract the right audience. Check out this example for reference:

youtube keywords tags

7) Share your video on other popular platforms like Quora, Reddit, etc. to gain more traffic

Communities like Quora, Reddit, etc., are very active and have lots of potential audiences who might be interested in your video. Use these platforms smartly to gain more views on your youtube video organically.

youtube video sharing


These seven ways will surely increase your youtube reach in 2021 by appearing in top search results. Optimize your video in the right way and get more views organically. If you have any other queries related to your youtube channel and video, stay tuned with us to get the right solution.

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