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7 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy YouTube Views

According to some online marketing experts, buying YouTube views has its own pros and cons about which the marketer should be aware of before concluding any result for their respective YouTube channel. As the objective is to attain the best response out of the uploaded content, therefore learn more about the consequences one has to face when you decide to buy YouTube views. Some of the factors that put you in dilemma whether to buy views or not are to be analyzed first. Here are few reasons that will explain why not to buy YouTube views:

  1. Beware of Scammers

beware of scammers

Online scammers are everywhere; it’s very difficult to find out who is genuine out of so many fake promises by not-so-genuine service providers. Rather choose the one who has been doing it for a certain period of time, at least gives you a sense of reliability and also ensures its market presence, which cannot be completely bogus based on the experiences of the clients.

  1. Problems with AdSense

google adsense

A suggestion that can help you in case you are going to buy YouTube views and that is to turn off AdSense revenue for only those videos for which you have bought views. The reason is that there is a slight chance of YouTube to flag the video, hence one should avoid the risk and turn it off for a while. Once your package is over you can turn it on again. Before you decide to take pleasure of all options, make sure you take required cautions as well.

  1. Low quality providers- a risk factor

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Getting a low-quality services isn’t something shocking to get, there are so many of them who pitch a promising deal but later do not match up with any of their words. All you can do is to check and cross check the profile of the company on Google and also its reviews by customers. Keep a track of their activities and social channel updates and review their task on a regular basis, ask for assistance whenever you feel like it’s not on the same page as you expected.

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  1. Can affect viewership

Though there has been a lot said about the viewership of the videos, but the viewership faces a consequence of due to buying views. If you would look at the YouTube analytics, they will automatically be distorted due to the packages you have purchased for increasing your YouTube video views.

  1. Lacks subject targeting

When you buy YouTube views, they are not specifically topic-centric, though they might target a defined demographic area. That is the reason that most of the purchased views would not lead to any conversion or lead. The targeting is not specific and the results are as vague as they can be. A count of views can give you a fake confidence booster of having a community base, but when it cannot generate any business, it’s nothing more than a number.

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  1. An unacceptable method

Buying YouTube views is a common solution many would suggest to implement if someone is struggling initially for online visibility, yet there it is not a publically accepted practice. People still take it as an unethical method to attain successful results. According to marketing experts, increasing views or like inorganically doesn’t give oxygen to your channel for long, rather it can stagnant the growth as its neither target oriented not organic. Therefore, loses its grip sometime later if the content is not liked, plus it’s not a business generating practice.

  1. Objective still far to accomplish

Though there are so many promises made while choosing this method but it lacks on many fronts. Firstly, it never targets the viewers that are supposed to be targeted. Secondly, having a vague approach of adding more numbers, only keep increasing the number irrespective of the fact that whether those numbers are contributing anything in terms or business or not. Thirdly, having so many views and still not having an organic community base is a point one should worry in long-run. It is not building anything for you except for the numbers that won’t convert either. Hence, buying YouTube views might seem promising yet far from achieving the achievable.

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