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The Complete Beginners Guide to Periscope Marketing

A lot of new social media apps are coming every day, however, it is difficult to decide which ones are worthy of your time and attention. Periscope is worth giving your attention to. Especially it can prove fruitful for those who want to grow their business through social media platforms. Live video streaming app from Twitter is just two years old but can give you a reach of almost ten million subscribers. Gradually businesses are realizing the power of Periscope to engage with their customers and make the best out of it. With live video streaming, it offers an interactive platform to the users and also an opportunity for businesses to come with innovative ideas and utilize this opportunity to expand their reach.

Moreover, it is always helpful to buy Periscope followers as ultimately it will help you in growing your business. Having more followers will eventually give you an advantage and psychological edge over your competitors. Some of the key points which you need to remember while broadcasting on Periscope:

Save Your Scopes Permanently:

The app allows the user to watch the broadcasted video for 24 hours. Here’s a catch, you can extend the life of your video by saving it in your device and use a third party service. Many people are offering these services without charging anything for this. Make complete use of it.


timing matters

It is always important broadcast your video at the right time. Like all other social networking platforms, Periscope also has a span of a window when your targeted audiences will be there. You just need to find the right time for you and kick in at that moment. You have to follow this universal rule in order to grow to enhance your reach on the social media circles.

Increase Your Followers: If you want to stand out from the crowd then buy Periscope hearts and create an impact on the users. Creating and uploading the videos won’t be enough to stay ahead in the age of stiff competition. Having a huge number of followers will not give you an added advantage but you can also get active users who are genuinely interested in the content uploaded by you.

Quality Matters:

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Whether you are uploading a video or giving a title to it, always make sure that it is of the utmost quality. The title should not only be catchy but relevant to the video you are broadcasting. Whenever you are broadcasting a video, never compromise on its quality and make sure that it’s a high-quality video.

Stay Active during Broadcast:

This is the basic rule, whenever you are broadcasting a video always make sure to interact with the users and answer their queries if they have any. Responding to their comments will definitely help in building a positive image which is going to benefit you in the long-term.

Use Other Social Networking Sites:

You can not only increase your Periscope followers but while broadcasting you can share your broadcast on other social media platforms as well. This will multiply your reach, so, you can utilize this tool and gain popularity. Always plan your broadcast in advance and prepare for it wholeheartedly. The number of hearts your broadcast receives will decide whether your video will feature in the list of trending accounts or not. At times for achieving this, you can buy Periscope Hearts and make full use of this advantage. You can also ask the viewers to share your video; this will also widen your reach. And always be polite to your viewers and give special thanks to those who share your video.

After every broadcast, Periscope shares a list of viewers who actually gave a heart, so, you can analyze the result for future purposes. You can also refine or modify your content accordingly. Moreover, always remember that viewers like those broadcasters who broadcast on regular basis, so, planning and consistency is the key.  Engaging with the viewers is also very important, as live streaming is the highlight of the app, so, you also need to remain in touch with your followers/viewers and build a relation with them. Although this sounds like a cliché but this will be a game changer, as viewers will definitely come back to those broadcasters who are not only engaging but interactive as well. So, now you have all the ingredients and know-how to creating the marketing strategy, so, what are you waiting for…just start broadcasting and grab all the attention that you are looking for.

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