Free youtube competition for paid streaming

Biggest Competition for Paid Streaming Is Free YouTube

In the online promotion industry, if you count live streaming or video streaming networks, there would be numerous names that would start to come up. But the ironical fact is that all those  video streaming platforms that are paid are way behind YouTube. To stream on YouTube, you don’t have to pay anything, which makes it an unbeatable king. Though there are so many paid streaming service like Spotify, Netflix, Deezer, Beats and some live interactive radio services such as Pandora and Songza are there to surprise and entertain the audience. But the inclination of audience still remains on the YouTube’s side as the users are free to watch or listen to any kind of music uploaded on YouTube, they are not liable to pay a penny for no matter how long they are using the service. This is a feature that no paid streaming service could compete with.

However, fundamentally YouTube is not concerned primarily about the music, rather it focuses on monetising the videos uploaded by the artists based on the ad revenue. Yet statistically only 40% of the music accounts are streamed on YouTube, which clearly shows it is not on the priority list of YouTube. For instance, YouTube conducted a humongous ad campaign on the Subway of the New York City, but it didn’t mention music at all. For music, YouTube launched YouTube Music Key as a paid service for the fans of music, which is running since then.

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On YouTube, the account holders are paid but the rates are low. Most of the users are not concerned about the quality, rather they just want to listen what they want and YouTube has it all they are looking for. On the other hand, the paid streaming services offer complete albums and all the songs in one but on YouTube you won’t necessarily get all the songs of the album and of high quality. Although all the paid streaming services have all the popular as well as new tracks for the listeners, On YouTube, it is way more simple and quick to pull out any song in few seconds.

The biggest advantage YouTUbe has over other paid streaming services is that it’s the unofficial platform for everything that is live, fans wait for the content to be uploaded as they get to see raw and unedited content on YouTube unlike Spotify, Tidal or Rdio. And the you watch on or two similar kind of content, you automatically start to get recommendations of such videos. Apart from that, one song with so many covers are only found on YouTube no other paid streaming service can have these versions. Basically, on Youtube the volume of the uploaded content is too grand to handle by any of the paid streaming website.

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Another interesting feature on paid streaming platforms are the ‘exclusives’ they offer the audience to listen, while they are already up there on YouTube for the viewers to listen without any cost. The quality might differ a little but those exclusive uploads are accessible on YouTube that is enough for the audience.This is the point where paid services fall short in pitching the best deal to their target audience.

Also, if you observe closely there is s shift in the perception of the younger audience, DIY videos are earning popularity and again content is the winner. People have realised and accepted this fact, and as a result many beginners on YouTube could successfully run their channel and are building brands without any support from the industry. The phenomenon of getting popularity within a limited time period only by focussing not he talent and the guts t showcase it in front of millions has helped many YouTubers to establish a place for themselves. The ability and sense that everyone has a unique thing to explore and create is very much in the trending topics and people in their young years are trying to make it work with sheer handwork, which in itself is a sign of tremendous growth. As the audience is aware about the hard reality and difficulties faced by those who are already an established brand on YouTube.

Even after having the understanding and reality check, the audience is an ever-changing element, which is also known as a dynamic catalyst. And they keep on expecting more and more. Here again YouTube comes out as a winner, it has a sorted way for those who want to register as well as the audience. Paid streaming services cannot give that unofficial liberty to the users to upload or view anything with no cost attached,

The conclusion is not complete against paid streams, the only feature they have to include is the unofficial content on their platform. Plus, lowering the cost of the paid services would also be a favourable thing to do as YouTube is completely  overpowering them all as of now.

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