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Coming Soon: Whatsapp Video Calling Feature In Beta Mode

Video calling on WhatsApp has been on hold since a long time. After it was introduced to the windows phone beta users. On and off it’s been a trending topic for many whether WhatsApp video calling would be introduced first for android users, then for iOS users, when finally it came out as a good news for android users. Soon both the users would be able to avail this exclusive feature on their device through Google play store and App store, respectively. This new updated features shows a video call and a voice call feature to opt from.

Also, this feature can be tried through downloading APK file, which would allow you to sign up as a beta tester and allows to update the WhatsApp messenger (Beta). You can make a voice or video call from this as soon as the update is done as its compatible on android version 2.1 onwards.

WhatsApp’s yet-to-roll-out beta update seems to offer the following additions for its over 1 billion active users to try out some interesting and improved features:

Beta update is must at both ends

This latest updated beta version works only when the recipient is also a beta version user. The version must be updated on not the ends; else it would not place a call. As of now, the updated feature doesn’t show separate calling icons for voice or video call. Rather just asks for two options i.e. voice call or video call and in case the call is disconnected the end user has same options as in voice calls.

Performs better on a faster network

WhatsApp’s updated beta version works best on 4G network; otherwise it just shows ‘couldn’t place call’. However, the video and audio quality can be found poor at times as it’s a beta version. It’s not yet an official update, so the users might expect better results once it’s an official rollout. Gradually, the update would improve based on its tried and tested reports. WhatsApp usually doesn’t disappoint its user and experts are quite convinced that it would come up with a much-awaited improved version of the video calling.

Additional promising updates

Lately, WhatsApp also introduced a doodle feature like Snapchat, which enables the users to share images. This permits the users to add any text or doodle on the images while sharing it with others. With all of this, WhatsApp is expected to roll out features like call back, voice mail and sharing feature of ZIP files.

Ready to justify high expectations

Being a genealogical to Facebook, WhatsApp predominantly focuses on enhancing the video abilities to outsmart other video chat apps in the league. Knowing the fact, that video calling is not a new trait to be seen, Skype and Yahoo messenger are good enough example to increase the expectations of the users. And hence, WhatsApp wants to overpower the rest by providing better quality, accessibility and affordability.

It’s been a remarkable transition to see from standalone computer camera to smartphone over the decade. Now this soon-to-be- rolled-out-feature, is going to transform the scenario into a much simpler and easily accessible feature.

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