How to Get More Exposure and Get Seen on TikTok: 7 Simple Steps

To be popular on the most trending social app TikTok, a regular user need to earn decent exposure and acceptance across the network. Instant limelight and appreciation can be out of pure luck but to maintain a consistency in terms of popularity, it takes few strategies to be followed. In order to get more attention and engagement from viewers, here are 7 simple steps to improve overall exposure on TikTok:

  1. Be active, hyperactive is even better

If you are on TikTok, you got to announce something louder, brighter and frequent than the others to win the race. It has been observed that those who remain low-profile and active are not as much liked as those who are constantly hyper-active all the time. They are more likely to get crowned than the usual ones.

  1. Collaborate with former crown users

This is the best method to get popular on TikTok in a short span of time when you are in association with the crown users your chances of being viewed automatically improve. It helps you get special attention from the loyal viewers of the former crown user. Hence, try to be in contact with those who are already been fortunate enough to be crowned is a suggested tip for the beginners who want to be in the club.

  1. Initiate challenges to get instant fame

Those who can muse the audience with new things are liked and patted by TikTok team. The network team appreciates and support those who can successfully engage as many audiences at a time. And to reach that level, firstly you have to be participative in all trendings, hashtags, challenges, and auditions. Your participation will make you visible to many and gradually hosting a unique trend. When you start initiating an original hashtag, your exposure and recognition will attract further eyes and your popularity will bring you instant fame.

  1. Show your skills via auditions

There are many users who are doing everything right but are still not able to get enough attention on the network. They should start showing their talent in auditions. To make the app fun-loving, the TikTok team conducts events and auditions in which the winners are awarded crown. To become one of the crown holders, you need to post high-quality content and project the best of your skills in order to be among one of the crown holders. It’s an open invitation to all the new and old users on TikTok. There are many inspiring newcomers who got crowned within 3 months duration, only by participating in the auditions.

  1. Come up with your niche

When you have your own trumpet to blow, it’s always more effective and recommended other than following someone else’s footsteps. To have command over your own thing and the courage to take that forward in front of the viewers can get you more exposure than following the usual trends. To work out on a specific trend, topic or hashtag is suggested for all those who want to become popular instantly.

  1. Have something to do with ‘trends’

When you are not sure about what is going to work among the audience, then you should go with the trends. What is being liked and searched most by the users on TikTok is a safe solution for anyone who wants to understand and become a crowned user like other popular names on the network.

  1. Become a ‘funny story-teller’

You can experiment with new ideas and story-telling, there is a huge scope in this dimension. It has not been explored much yet, to tell a story in a brief time is an art in itself and if you can do it musically through TikTok, it can take you through large exposure among new and crowned users.




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