Growing Your Business with Facebook in 2017

Facebook, a connecting network between million users has now become a source of business generation. Thousands of small or large businesses are using it to expand and grow their business. In 2017, there are few implementations that can be executed for better results, here are few suggestions listed:

  1. Initiate a conversation

Unless you don’t know who are the customers and would they be interested in your business, you need to find it out. Starting a conversation would not only encourage them to participate and give their ideas and opinions but will help you build a loyal community. Without knowing your target customer, a marketing strategy cannot be planned. These brief interactions about daily news, tips keeps your fanbase engaged.

  1. Encourage people around you

Come up with few offers or rewards for your customers or those who show some interest in your daily activities. It boosts them to contribute more in the discussions and builds a connection among both. Addition and expansion of more and more customers gradually helps you in improving your customer base.

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  1. Share customers’ experiences

When you share your experience with the customer, they might show slight interest. But when your customers share their experience whether good or bad, its a much bigger deal. Therefore, make sure you involve more customers and do not think twice before asking for their feedback. Its an attention seeking trick to follow, plus it builds and strengthens trust towards the brand.

  1. Become a guide/ source of good content

Sharing relevant content that the customers want to know about and information related to the industry makes you a reliable source of content. Its an incomparable way to get connect to a wider audience. Also, doing this automatically gives you an entry into the credible club. You do not need an external approval, if you practice sharing niche content.

  1. Be there for customer queries

Customer satisfaction must be the top priority as they should feel important. Giving quick response to them through messaging and solving queries on time is considered to be an impressive trait. Make sure you follow it too or at least try to revert in time so that the visitors or customers do not feel unaddressed or ignored.

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  1. Go live or try video mode

Staying live on video is a newly trounced feature by Facebook, which is quite an exciting task in itself. Those who follow you are keen to know more about your and live video broadcast allows you to bring out the best version of you as a brand or person. Its a wining stroke that will definitely give you unexpected and most exciting response you have ever had from your fan base. In fact, a few seconds spur of live broadcast can bring a huge difference to your brand image as it notifies your online presence for the moment and helps you gain a lot more attention than the one you get from posting a regular update.

  1. Make use of insights

Facebook insights is an incredible source of information for a marketer to know about the likes and response your page content is getting. Updates that are getting more engagement than others and what time is the best time to share posts with the community all such questions are answered by insights. Even to know about the Facebook ads you are using insights indicates enriching information that helps in making an ad copy. Its a helpful source for setting up creative inputs and giving information related to the interest of the audience.

  1. Talk about relevant content

Focus mainly on the stuff that the audience is keen about. Do not always be self-promotional about your own business.Eve if you opt to do it, promote facts and topic that they want to be aware of. Some of the big brands have engaged a large fan base only through page posts and ads as they knew what the target audience wants to see or know about.

  1. Look out for more followers

Having a loyal fan base is a good news, but that’s not the end of the story. You need to add more followers and expand your reach. Finding new audience should never be stopped, therefore concentrate on the existing customer data and search for similar interest audience. Doing this will also ease your efforts while placing Facebook ads as it will enable you to pick the exact audience for your business.

  1. Convert your fan base into customers

New options of Facebook ads now enables you to try page fans or website visitors into customers by retargeting them through featuring things that they were browsing before. Its an effective method for small businesses a it doesn’t demand huge investment and budget like traditional advertising.

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