is guest blogging dead?

Is Guest Blogging Really Dead?

It’s still alive! Guest Blogging can still add value to your website only if done in the right manner. Guest Blogging actually gives impetus to audience reach, website exposure, and is an awesome branding tool. So what really made Matt Cutts say to stop it?

Till date, Guest Blogging or guest posting has been used on a large scale in the world of blogging and website. Though, People assumed that guest blogging is dead after an article was published by Matt Cutts in 2014 about the “decay” of guest blogging. But we cannot deny the fact that in order to build a relationship with similar kind of communities and creating backlinks for better SEO, Guest blogging is still preferred. Guest Blogging means creating content and getting it published on another blogger’s blog or website.

Now the question is – Has Guest blogging really become dead? Can it still prove to be advantageous? Why is guest blogging important for your Business? These are the basic questions that engulf every blogger’s mind while guest posting.

The guest blogging if done correctly can prove to be extremely powerful for the guest bloggers as well as for the publisher sites. Irrelevant guest posts could destroy your online identity. Guest blogging has been stood as one of the best ways for better branding and other online network opportunities as it helps to get a large number of free subscribers following on the social media accounts.  Branded websites and the popular bloggers help in enhancing your credibility. If done effectively, it can also help you in increasing backlinks for your blog. There are still many bloggers who think Guest blogging could do nothing. But actually, it is not. Rather I would like to say, it helps you to get more website traffic and that too organic.

Here are some of the benefits that the guest blogging serve for you and your business:

Always Target Quality Traffic:

It helps you fetch a lot of quality traffic. Your original blog visitors are most likely to visit your blog when you backlink your post on any blog. A great blog or great site can get you more visitors. When a quality post is published on the well-known blogger site, your blog starts driving target visitors.

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Get More Exposure:

Guest blogging makes the blogger and his content more popular. It helps in brand building. The more exposure your blog will get, more will be your free subscribers and they are likely to turn into your potential customers. It enhances your domain authority. The Biggest Challenge in Guest Blogging is to find relevant and high-quality websites that accept Guest Posts. The GuestPostEngine tool solves this problem very effectively, as they guys have created a dedicated Search Engine to find relevant websites that accept Guest Posts. In this tool, you can find thousands of relevant guest blogging sites by just searching your keyword.

Enhance Your Writing Skills:

Yes, Guest blogging actually improves the writing skills and with practice, one can simply overcome the drawbacks that one faced while writing for the website. With regular practice, you could achieve what you desired for your website. Always make sure that your content should of excellent quality so that people will visit your site again.

Build a Repo for Your Brand:

Guest blogging helps the blogger in building a portfolio of writing the content on a wider scale which in turn will help you make a reputation of your brand. With this, you can gain the people’s trust and it also helps in building the credibility of the blogger.

Build Quality Backlinks:

Guest blogging can help you to build backlinks when you post your content on another blog. Your article must be linked to the author page. Site keywords should be correctly and properly mixed with the content. This improves the search engine visibility. You earn a higher ranking by doing this. Also, this is considered as the best way to get a free guest post as well.

Review Your Work:

You get genuine reviews about your blog posts from the serious readers. All the positive and negative reviews of your post help you in improving the quality of your blog post. You feel motivated to post more quality blogs.

The truth is that Guest blogging can actually be highly beneficial for your website as it’s a great way to get you more traffic from the sites that are busier than yours. So you do not have to completely discontinue guest blogging. From the SEO point of view, it is also a good way to build strong backlinks. Though their importance and the ways they are used have been changed, still Guest blogging can help you become a popular name in the community.

Nowadays, guest blogging is changing a lot; you need to stay updated to use it effectively to promote your website. However, if you are following these points, you can click it right and bear fruits of guest blogging.

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