How Can Buying Spotify Plays Boost the Popularity of a New Artist in the Industry?

For a new artist/musician, gaining popularity on Spotify can become a huge possibility to get introduced in the music industry, irrespective of the region and genre. Find out the advantages of buying Spotify Plays that can help boost popularity, for a beginner in the industry.

Spotify is a popular music streaming, which is a great platform for new artists to increase their fan base with the help of Spotify Plays and followers. Before knowing reliable service providers, you should know about the favorable possibilities you can reach with buying Spotify followers.

Here are the benefits that new artists should know about why they need to pay for Spotify plays and followers:

1. More streaming can lead you to top charts

top charts spotify

When the Spotify listeners give your track more plays, eventually more followers and reach is achieved. This can be a sign of progress which can become a turning point for you as a new musician. Getting more and more attention from the listeners sooner or later, your music will get heard by established labels and artists. At least, this will get you some popularity in terms of more Spotify plays and followers.

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2. Curated playlists can get a breakthrough

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Many times your work is recognized only after getting attention on the curated lists you create on Spotify. This is a small milestone, every beginner musician should get through. When the experiments are noticed, eventually originals will also get identified. Therefore, you should try to get more Spotify Plays/ followers on curated playlists, as it is an indirect method to attract music lovers from all over. You can Buy Spotify Plays from Socioblend.

3. Works tremendously if you’re verified


To have an authentic identity and recognition, you must qualify and get the account verified. To boost real Spotify plays or followers, it is not a must criterion but to become successful and be among the top listed artists. You need to become a verified user on Spotify. Increasing Spotify followers and plays helps you improve the numbers and more numbers are likely to get verified, and vice versa. They both complement each other and essentially support your popularity.

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4. Takes your track to established labels

When you are already a brand that has a decent number of listeners. A good track is automatically noticed by big labels and records. This is a huge achievement in its own, to be able to impress listeners first from the number of plays and follower; and secondly, with your skill. To reach that level, you have to beat the local musicians by elevating the level of your followers and music.

5. More plays make it stand out among the rest

To start off as a musician, you should put out everything you can possibly do, experiment, recreate or modify. This is not just about the work you showcase, but mostly about the audience, you cater to. Make sure your tracks get plays from the international market as well. It is important to identify your fanbase, this will help you know better about the taste of the audience, and create music of that style.

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6. Become an influencer

When you increase your Spotify followers, you are continuously gathering fans of your music or maybe for the playlists you curated. Hence, after reaching a point where more than 10 k followers join your channel for your work, it becomes quite obvious that you are being liked, appreciated and followed by many. This leads to the possibility of influencing their decision, which is a positive sign of getting famous on Spotify and later in the industry.

7. Make your own spot in the industry

It is not something you can get in a day or a month, whereas you can pay for getting Spotify followers instantly, that might be a push to get your place in the music industry. The only condition, you are asked to fulfill is to stay consistent and determined about your work and its promotion. Do not compromise in giving quality and enhancing your previous work, this is a hard task which is supposed to be done by established musicians and labels as well. Therefore, to own your self-made spot, you can go with paying for real plays or followers, provided you stand by the rest of the requirements.

8. Large fan base helps you sustain with pride

When well-grown fan base of followers is established after boosting your followers on Spotify, it naturally gives you a sense of confidence and achievement. That moment is the real pushing point for you, it decides what can go in your favor and how to proceed further. With that feeling of pride, you move ahead and introduce your music, this has to be good enough for the listeners now. Expectations are high from you, and they are about to get even higher as you have a strong back up of followers.

You have elevated the stature of expectations of listeners from your end, now there’s no turning back. You have to give them the quality and originality seem to be promising in your profile. Definitely, this isn’t something you can avoid at all.

9. New experiments with music get noticed

Having a platform of music, and being popular enough to even try for an experiment. It is possible only when you hold a fan base of listeners, either bought or organic. When you cross that stage, it is evident that you are here for a reason and that reason is to create music of your own style without thinking much about the classics and technicalities. This is the stage where you can afford doing anything you like if the concept is original in nature and doesn’t compromise with quality. Sooner or later, such bold attempts are noticed and appreciated by other musicians as everyone is looking for something unique and different.

10. Assurance to get on top increases

Whether you will be able to reach at the top someday? After having a grand fanbase, you are not liable to this question anymore. Now, the level of your achievement has surpassed this one. You have listed your name in the race of top achievers, with time if you maintain the speed, the top charts will be your witness for the same. Therefore, achieving a spot is a result of taking the right steps like getting paid Spotify plays and followers when needed the most. And sustaining those benefits is something you work for and learn everyday about to reach a better place in the music industry.


All the new musicians, who are struggling to reach out to the musicians and labels should be on Spotify and work out the possibilities with the best options they have. You need to have that deadly combination of uniqueness and perseverance, an unbeatable quality in a musician that can take you places, in spite of all the hurdles.

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