How to drive maximum engagement on Twitter

How to drive maximum engagement on Twitter

Hashtag a weapon to drive engagement at optimal level

Hashtags is a sort of adhesive when utilized properly has the ability of retaining together your marketing campaign via social media platform and can promote your business. If you use it in an unruly manner they can be annoying as well. Hence you must follow strictly some do’s and don’ts.

You need to realize that by placing hashtags before random words you cannot make them powerful, in fact this improper use of hashtags before random words can make them unattractive. Though there is no must be maintained rules over using studies but as the data indicates you must follow certain guidelines in order to promote the success rate of SMM rather than being annoying to the followers.

What is the importance of hashtags? Though nowadays most of the people hashtags even on their status in social network, most of them are not aware of the fact that what is the reason behind its invention?

The advantage and exquisiteness of hashtags lie behind their simplicity and even on their capability of uniting your campaign that are expanded across social platforms, TV advertising, website and more. If you observe you can find that almost every commercial that comes on TV nowadays has a hashtag sign displayed somewhere on the screen, that is a way for the brand to let you aware that if you find online that hashtagged phrase you can come across more information about the product or service which they are endorsing.

Utilize hashtag to increase the traffic of your site

The utilization of hashtags was first commenced in Twitter and after that it has spread its wings amongst other social media and even beyond it, and it has become an indispensible feature of modern endorsing. On the other hand, it is being overused by people and even you sit and try to discover the reason behind their using of hashtags, you cannot find anything. It is hard to discover what the person wants to interpret, by inserting hashtags between words they want to imply that they are stating something serious, but in reality it come out nothing but a hilarious statement.

According to the data tweeting a post with one or two hashtags augments the possibility of engagement, so by including one or two hashtags in your brand’s tweets you are augmenting the probability of exposure and traffic to the sites. But while inserting hashtags, be cautious, as by inserting more than two hashtags you will decrease the possibility of engagement below 17%.

Use tools to find out the already used hashtags

But act smartly while using hashtags for your brands as your entire toil can go into vain, if someone else has already used the same phrase. While deciding the hashtagged phrase you can take help from tools like Rite Tag or, even you can search the Twubs to search already used hashtag phrase or to get ideas on hastags. If your business is benefitted from your local traffic then by using Trendsmap you can come to know according to your geographical location which one is the foremost trending topic.


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