How to write Facebook posts that looks more Human

Three Ways Your To Make Your Facebook Posts Human

In this fast paced world, the digital domain is as cut-throat for running a business as the real world. To make your brand visible, to grab the attentions of the customers, and to engage with them in fruitful conversations that later will transform to real revenue generation- you have to adopt a customer-friendly marketing approach in a social media site like Facebook. But there is also a trick lies in marketing your brand via Facebook posts and that is- you have to post contents that should look and feel more human, rather than contents that seem to come from a pushy marketer.

Not only it is customers who like friendly posts, but also Facebook itself wants to produce News Feed that contains quality links and posts from marketers. Over the years, there are various marketers who had been using cheap gimmicks like clichéd memes and click-baits in order to fool around with customers but not anymore. Facebook is now dishing out stricter guidelines for the marketers to follow when it comes to providing quality posts in the News Feed of millions of customers daily.

Three Secrets behind Friendly Facebook Posts

  • Don’t Exercise the Clichéd tricks

Each of us have seen click-bait links with messages that read like: ‘OMG, You Won’t Believe What XYZ Did When She/he Saw ABC’; without giving away the headline first. When these types of click-baiting links used to appear for the first time in Facebook, each of us really felt curious initially and took the bait, only to later burn our fingers.

But with excessive usage, these posts also has lost their charms, and now with the serious step from Facebook’s side to curb them in News Feed; you, as a marketer, shouldn’t dare to venture into that path anymore.

  • Be a friend first and then a marketer

Each of us who loves shopping, have had enough experience with pushy, nagging sales associates whenever we hit any shopping mall; and we don’t want to feel the same irritation with the bombardment of pushy posts, once we like the Facebook pages of our favorite brands.

So it’s imperative for you as a brand, to think from the side of customers, and if it’s asking for too much; then just think like their friend. There are multiple ways to inform your page subscribers about the products and services you offer, without breathing down on their necks.

  • Customers love to receive replies of their queries

Though it’s not possible to scroll down and post reply to each of the comments out of 10K, but do as much as you can, in order to mitigate the curiosity of the customers. A reply is a form of acknowledgement and who doesn’t love that in Facebook? Especially, you should never ignore comments that involve complaining over some defects of your products or shipping service.


Apart from the above three points, there are other means like- a solid mobile social media marketing strategy and customer-friendly, informative video links that will go a long way to establish your good-will as a marketer who believes in customer-oriented services.

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