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How to Increase Likes on Facebook Page from Scratch

Starting anything from scratch has to work as per its own pace, possibility and capability. Likewise, in case of Facebook page you got to see, what will work in your favor and to find it out you have to be clear about your objectives and the market you want to target. It’s about attaining and maintaining the quality, not quantity. If you decide to start your page and desire to have an instant leverage then you should know the following points before you conclude it as a simple task. It’s not that quick in fact, needs a lot more time and effort to establish trust and acceptability with the audience.

  1. Set a publishing routine

Anything that goes our public on your timeline should click with the understanding of audience. To know them accurately, things you must have answer to are:

What’s their age, gender?

How do they earn their living?

What questions interests them?

Type of content they search for?

You got to set a particular routine of content to build expectations of the audience and fulfill them as well. Post planner can also be used to schedule the content.

  1. Use highly targeted Facebook ads


It’s simple; you want your ads to be placed for the most apt customers. To do that you should know the suitable demographics like age, gender, location, career, etc. in order to place the sponsored ads accurately. You can also explore Sponsored result ads to know about the searches target users are looking for that might be related to your demographic audience.

  1. Make use of graph search

You have an advanced option to find the right target for your page. Though it’s an amazing tool for the marketers to use, yet it hasn’t got as much attention it deserves to have.  This enables you to learn more about the users by finding out the similar products and services they like or search for. Read this to know more about Facebook Graph Search.

  1. Create and post Unique content

Publish something valuable and appealing for the audience, which can be an eBook for instance. Make sure you do it in exchange of a like on your page from the user. It’s a way to get better response from the existing community, plus an added advantage to keep them engaged for a longer time.

  1. Incorporate hashtags

To gain traction and attraction, Hashtags can never disappoint you. Use as many hashtags to cater broader audience. To discover and expand your network, hashtags would allow the audience to know about your niche. You would see a tremendous growth if used in right order.

  1. Develop network

Nurture your network by adding comments on other blogs but of similar genre. Stay connected to other social channels such as Facebook business pages of your industry. Regularly follow the big names, to get a closer look at the business and also get to know about their network. Staying active all the time would definitely help you gain an edge over others.

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  1. Curate from other pages

To grow your network you can begin to curate content for other pages once in a while in exchange of credit on their page.  It’s a great way to reach out more audience and showcase your expertise to your followers, which further helps in expanding the network.

  1. Find out some promotional swaps

Look out for at least thirty Facebook pages of products and services that are similar or complementary to your page. These pages might share same number of followers or target audience as you have on your page. Make a list of from the shortlisted ones, now send each one of them a message that tells them about your page and offer them to mention their page on yours if they agree to do the same in return.

  1. Should you buy likes for your Facebook page?

Another worthy option is to buy Facebook likes for the page; this might seem as a short time solution. But the reason of doing it is simple. It gives an initial push to your page, provides a visibility and gain more attention from the users. Gradually, it starts picking up the pace, you find your target audience by being visible on their News Feed and feedback starts coming in, which contributes in the long term growth.

  1. Ask interesting questions

Make some interesting questions to ask from the audience, it becomes a platform for a community to interact and get to know more from each other. You can also invite experts of your industry to answer those questions; this will multiply the response you might receive otherwise. To involve more users and cater a large number of audiences, you can interview an expert, which will make it even more fascinating for the audience to join in.

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