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New Whatsapp Feature: Vacation Mode and DND for Chats

WhatsApp from being the most popular Apps can be considered as the most experimenting Social media App after Facebook. In fact, its following foot-steps of its pioneer i.e. Facebook.

Currently, WhatsApp is working on two different features to be added: Vacation mode, and Linked account facility, (valid only by linking with the Instagram account). This addition will help in improving the chat interface, notifications and overall experience for its 1.5 billion worldwide users.

Other features that are not dependent on the linking of the accounts are going to be ‘Vacation and Silent Mode’. Modes like ‘Do not Disturb’, ‘night mode’, ‘dark mode’ is going to be added into the App for the convenience of the users. Recently, WhatsApp has already announced a ‘Mute option’ for the spam message and unwanted inflow of message from unknown sources or any other. It’s simply an effort to reduce the burden from your notification tray. This feature is considered to be an advanced feature of ‘Silent mode’, in which the user can hide all the chats or app badges muted earlier. It means the App won’t be able to send any notification to you even if a message has been sent. Presently, WhatsApp automatically un-archives any chat when the recipient receives a new message. But after activating the ‘vacation mode’, an average user will be in complete control of the notifications and settings of the WhatsApp interface.

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Likewise, the ‘Vacation Mode’ will be included along with other features which mainly works for archived chats. With vacation mode on, archived chats will not be archived even if it was muted earlier. This mode is easily accessible in WhatsApp settings and notifications. For specific chats or chat list, you can successfully put them on archive mode and mute them completely. This will also work for ignoring groups or personal messages where you don’t want to participate or respond to at all, without ignoring or blocking any contact.

As the report of WABetaInfo, the vacation mode is an advanced extension of WhatsApp’s Silent Mode. Previously, the Silent mode was launched only for Android users but this time it will be rolled out for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users.

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The ‘Linked accounts’ feature is primarily to connect all major social platforms. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Once launched, the users can access the ‘linked Account’ feature below WhatsApp settings. For now, this service can only bring external service support for Instagram. Other popular social media apps like Twitter and Facebook will follow soon. According to the online marketing and social media experts, these features sound suitable for WhatsApp business app rather than the regular WhatsApp application.

Also, the ‘linked account’ facility will enable the user to not only connect with different social networks but will also help them recover a Facebook account in case lost control of.

These few changes will allow WhatsApp to become the sole controller and medium that can access all social networks at one point. Basically, an improved version of WhatsApp will enhance the user experience and allow them to monitor and operator other social platforms at the same time.

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