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How to Promote Your Content on Telegram: A Complete Guide

Telegram is becoming a popular network for marketers, to get attention and promote content on Telegram, you must improve and make a successful content promotion strategy by using Telegram as a perfect marketing tool.

telegram content promotion

The reason for Telegram is a great marketing platform is it’s quite handy to enable you to reach a large audience. Any brand or company can get in touch with their potential customers. Unlike other social media network where it is difficult to reach out to the quality of customers. Also, the operations are simpler to handle, as Telegram uses messenger that is Cloud based. Hence, doesn’t acquire a lot of space and it competent to share all type of content. This is a major factor that attracts marketers attention, and they can use Telegram to promote massive content easily with large audiences, without utilizing much space.

Content promotion on your own channel

Telegram is one of the recent marketing tools that is becoming popular due to the messenger feature. It is getting attention mostly to promote content, as content distribution is easier in comparison to others, data storage is not an issue to deal with on Telegram.

  • Basically, Telegram is similar to Facebook Page, on a Telegram channel you can share any type of content with unlimited followers.
  • In addition to this, Telegram allows you to use instant messaging to share content or interact with the subscribers without any charges. Irrespective of the content quantity and subscribers count, Telegram allows you to send and receive instant messages.
  • Apart from this, when you share content with unlimited members, it allows you to monitor viewers count easily. Anyone who follows your channel can share and join in either it is public or private.

Content Promotion via other channels

  • There are two types of accounts, Public and private. On a public channel, anyone can instantly join in without asking for permission from the admin. Whereas, on a private channel the admin can accept or reject the request from the users. Therefore, if you want to promote content through other channels, it is essential that you share content only on Public channels.
  • Unlike the news feed algorithm of Facebook which does not show latest posts to all the Facebook users, Telegram enables your content to reach more potential customers and hence, it is an advantage over others. A regular news feed is broader in approach and a specific section of the audience is hard to target. While Telegram has instant messaging and therefore, reaches to the exact customers. The message easily gets narrowed down to the potential ones.
  • With audio, image, or video you can easily share the messages instantly, and as most of the users use Telegram on a mobile device, the message needs to be shared only in 500 characters. Therefore, it has to be to the point and crisp.

Note: Telegram enables you to share content with unlimited subscribers, but there can be only 8 channels to be operated from one account. And the administrator can allow only one co-administrator to manage the account.

Factors to grow your channel and content promotion: 

1. Social media channels are the best allies

Unless you are not everywhere, on all social media networks to give your content appropriate reach, you are not doing it right. Whether it is for selling or serving, you need to run the campaign on all social networks, you can possibly handle. Make sure you refer to the right landing page in the links so that the readers can follow them. Doing this can help you increase Telegram channel members/subscribers.

2. Add channel link in your signature

When you are mailing or addressing your clients through formal communication, it is suggested to add all your active social media handles. You can add them in articles, product description or even catalogs. This is one of the oldest but effective technique to make others aware of our existence across the digital platforms.

3. Start blogging about your channel

If you can advertise yourself its good, but if you can blog about yourself, it is even better. This is a way to authenticate your ideas and content across the web. One of the most successful methods to apply, no matter which industry you work for. It always works, also helpful in improving page rank. Become a guide, an influencer for the people, share free tips. So start writing about your Telegram Channel on your blog or if you don’t have a blog yet, start one. You can start your blog from WordPress for free.

4. Find the right catalog

With a small advertising budget, you can get different catalogs created by some reliable sources. Some of them offer free promotion for selected Telegram channels if they follow certain parameters.

5. Forums can take you places(promotion in Groups, Quora, Reddit, etc)

quora telegram promotion

Discussion forums regarding social media updates and news are also a good start to earn free online promotion for your content. Some of the examples are Quora, Reddit, Google answers, Facebook groups and more. You can start a discussion there, or can choose to answer or comment on other answers. This is a great method to get relevant opinions and stay connected to the industry insiders.

6. Paid promotion works as a strong pillar

It is about creating as much awareness and visibility you can provide to the content. For this, you must go with paid campaigns on different digital spaces. You can search for high traffic websites/ blog and pay them to advertise your content, at least in their communities. Paid services include service providers that are available on the web offering different plans. It can be executed on Facebook, Twitter or any independent blog, with an objective to cater potential audience. Hence, you need to work on almost all networks, you never know which one turns out favorable. You can try paid services for buying Members for your Telegram Channel and Group from here : Telegram Channel and Group Members.

7. Use Telegram stickers

telegram stickers

Your good friends are Telegram stickers, they will support your content like no other. By adding a sticker it gets a personalized touch which makes it more attractive and friendly for the audience. Also, you can create your own logos, messages by using stickers and emojis to give your messages a casual and humorous. A light-hearted message can be presented well with the help of such stickers, it makes the content more fun and attention seeking. The number of messages shared on a daily basis is more than 70 billion by over 5,00,000 users, you can imagine the numbers are strikingly large. If you are able to attract them with stickers, it can be a beneficial step for you and your brand.

8. Try reposting within your community

Re-engagement infuses attention and constantly gives you the potential of interaction, that’s what you have been trying to achieve. In debates, you must re-post the content even if posted earlier, doing this enables your content to get attention again. With the help of latest news, you can post them and find out other similar interest channels and subscribers. You can check benefits of re-posting from this article from Cloohawk blog.

9. Do not overdo

Do not forget to follow quality over quantity. You must know what to post and at what frequency. It doesn’t have to be too much for the audience to digest. A post daily should be enough unless you have something relevant and meaningful to share often. Basically, stick to something that the audience remains interested in, too many notifications can disturb them.

Final Thoughts

As Telegram doesn’t allow any paid advertising as it is an ad-free app. Therefore, you must adopt these tips to make your content reach as many platforms as possible. Also, you can depend on external paid advertising and buy Telegram channel members/views.

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