pros and cons of buying Twitter Followers

Pros and Cons of Buying Twitter Followers

Among all social channels, Twitter is one of the most popular and influential ones. To stay on the network is not worthy till you are not able to expand your community base or client base. It works on various factors but essential criteria to fulfil is to remain among the list of top most brands. And this would be possible only if one offers quality content and the number of followers keeps on adding. This growth denotes that you are being accepted and are here to stay to make your mark. The only thing to worry is to know what are the best ways to get more fans and followers. Among the few, to buy Twitter Followers is a probable method to go with but you must know what are its advantages and disadvantages before you start to take a leap of faith. Therefore, here is a list of both Pros and Cons to help you understand the benefits of buying Twitter followers:


  1. Makes you look influential

influential (source: Direct Marketing News)

To be important on Twitter, you got to have a decent number of followers. As the number count improves acceptance from the users gradually starts picking up. Somewhere, the community base measures your visibility and authenticity with the density of your current following. If your brands constantly gaining more viewers, it is bound to become noteworthy.

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  1. Easy and cheap

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Buying followers or likes is something you don’t have to go far to find the right option for you. There are so many of them to offer reasonable service at affordable price. Plus, this won’t be a lifetime commitment, you can explore many with a try and test approach and take decisions accordingly. The bright side is getting an initial boost for the brand, which is essential and effective implemented.

  1. Common marketing tool

It’s a common marketing strategy that everyone tries to apply at any suitable point of time as per the requirement. Ina. Competitive environment, you have to go with the trends and it adds up to your must-to-do list. Opting this as a tool is relatively productive as the Twitter ad campaign is also an expensive method to follow. The benefit of buying twitter followers is that you would be definitely getting a fixed number of followers, which is not certain with a Twitter Ad campaign.

  1. Need to match up with others

Every second brander business is expanding its reach and followers, you cannot afford to not Compete with them. When the number game is a criterion of being judged as a successful business, clearly it has become a status symbol for you as well.

  1. Instant Organic growth

Growth (Photo credits:

Getting a few numbers already gives your identity a meaning for those who have found you on the network. Having a background is good but when you don’t have it, they would immediately start evaluating your capacity through the followers you have and the activities you follow. That’s where buying Twitter followers comes to your rescue as a technique.

  1. Source to quick fix

A Smart way when there is a time constraint and you need to cover up things for a short duration. Getting more followers can help you retain and excel further in the growth of your brand in no time. To kick-start your business, a brand has to find its way with few number of followers and this is the best way to give it a way.


  1. No guarantee of being real

The drawback most of the small businesses face is the question mark on the authenticity of a particular service provider. They might seem real but the surety is far to fetch unless you haven’t tried it. Plus the followers you would be getting are not assured of being real.

  1. Possibility of scam

A huge list can be made out of which few are nothing more scammers. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry are offering you likes, followers, retweets and so on. The warranty and guarantee are only valid till you haven’t tried them. Therefore, while choosing a specific service, you need to be sure about its output.

  1. Will not improve Klout score

If you are expecting any improvement in your Klout score especially after buying twitter followers, then it would be too much to ask for. As Klout score primarily works on the influence and interaction with the followers rather than considering only the numbers. It is better to have 500 interactive followers than to have 2000 inactive or unreal followers.

  1. Can cause damage to your brand image

Being associated with a service provider that Is only increasing your numbers and still you have zero activity to offer, it’s not going to work. In fact, it can affect your brand and can put you in a bad light. To have a reputable provider should be the foremost concern as it will affect your reputation in the industry.

  1. Low engagement won’t be beneficial

To have a strong base of followers in terms of quantity is not enough, you need to have the quality of followers. No engagement or interaction with the users will not take you far as the followers are supposed to be participative and responsive towards the updates being posted. The ultimate target to convert them into a loyal fan base or customer will not be fruitful and hence would lose its meaning.

  1. Just in numbers

Whatever number count you have, it is just a number till you are able to convey any one of them your client. At least the engagement rate should be on a higher side and if this is not the case then the follower’s count will not add value to your business.

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