5 Effective Ways to Use Reddit for Brand Building

5 Effective Ways to Use Reddit for Brand Building

For every brand, the most important thing to do is build a loyal community or an audience who genuinely interacts with its product/service, uses or buys it, and recommends the same to other potential clients. But building a loyal community or making your brand stand out is not a simple task. Talking about communities, everyone must be aware of Reddit- One of the most popular forum communities online with over 300 million active users. With such an enormous reach, imagine how beneficial it could be for your brand?

But still, not many marketers talk about Reddit in their marketing strategies which is not right. Whether you have a product-based company or a blog online, we have curated five effective ways to use Reddit for brand building. Unlike other platforms, Reddit has some strict community rules to follow, but with some legitimate Reddit marketing strategies, you can ace the competition.

How to Use Reddit for Brand Building? – 5 Effective Marketing Strategies

1) Use Reddit as a Research Tool to Analyze the latest trends

Reddit has a vast collection of topics or threads ranging from movie discussion to software problems, etc., to discuss and help other people. Threads in Reddit are known as SubReddits. You can use Redditlist– an aggregated list of all the popular subreddits to research and analyze which topics are actually getting trending among the users in your niche and getting more upvotes.

Redditlist to find trending topics on Reddit
Redditlist Example

This effective Reddit Marketing Strategy will help you understand your audience and what topics you must focus on to gain more reach or attention.

2) Engage with other Community Members to earn more Karma Points and Authenticity

Reddit doesn’t believe in spam, and if you really want to gain traffic from Reddit, you must have to be active in the community and engage with other people by asking questions or helping them in whichever way possible. 

To keep the community safe from spamming, Reddit has introduced an option of “Karma Points to every user. When you post a question or an article or anything related to the relevant topic, people upvote or like your content, and you get Karma Points. These karma points reflect your authenticity and contribution to the community. 

So the more Karma Points you will earn, the more genuine you will appear in the community, and people will indeed pay more attention to the links or content you will share.

Reddit karma Points

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3) Analyze SubReddits to get engaging Copywriting Ideas

SubReddits can also help you to get great ideas on how your title or subheadings should be. When users post content on Reddit, they choose the title very smartly, and the most attractive titles or heading usually attract more attention and upvotes. 

So by searching for a relevant topic related to your niche, you can find numerous good subreddits with catchy headlines which you can use for your brand’s copywriting.

Also, if you want to submit any content on Reddit, you must know how to optimize its title according to people’s interests & query to gain more attention. Here are few popular Reddit heading templates that always works excellently on Reddit:

a) Need X? Try Y!

For example: Need Smooth Hair at Home? Try these incredible DIY hair masks.

b) I did something [at a specific time] for the ABC problem, and then XYZ happened!

For example: I started this Marketing Program 2 months ago, and now I am handling some of the most prominent clients as a freelancer.

Average Title Length of Top Posts on Reddit
Some stats on Top performing posts of Reddit

4) Create a Community on Reddit related to your niche to help others

One of the best ways to make your place in the Reddit Community is by showcasing your actual skills or talent in a unique and helping way. many people look for various solutions in Reddit Community, and you can gain their attention by providing them something useful. 

For that, you can create your own community by clicking on “Create Your Own Subreddit” at the top of the page. Don’t keep the community brand-centric only. Choose a broad topic related to your niche so everyone can share their views and participate in the community. Take care of the following things while managing a community in Reddit to gain more visitors:

  • Don’t overpromote your content in the community.
  • Share only relevant content in the community, which must be unique and value-adding so more people can click on it to know more about your business or service.
  • Give every member in your community freedom of speech so everyone can have a sense of ownership and contribute more to the community.
  • Give importance to every community member by liking and interacting with them so more people can trust you and your brand.

5) Connect more with people who might be interested in your brand

You can search for brand mentions in the relevant subreddits to analyze what people could be your potential customers, and then you can engage with them related to your brand/service.


These are some of the best organic ways to use Reddit for brand building. Apart from it, you can also opt for Reddit Paid Advertising to gain more conversions or visitors on your website through video or text ads. If you have any other queries/suggestions related to Reddit Communities, share them with us in the comments!

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