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Tips to Become a Vlogging Superstar

Vlogging aka Video Blogging is as good as a TV on the internet. In vlogging, the person shoots a video, uploads the same on host site such as YouTube and even embeds the links to his/her respective blogs. YouTube is providing ample amount of opportunities to grow for all ages of people and all kind of businesses. If you are looking out to earn money from YouTube and especially from a vlog, you will have to put your creative ideas at work. Along with it, somewhat planning & practicing along with marketing tactics will make your vlog trending soon. Following are some effective tips that will lead your way to become a Vlogging Superstar on YouTube.

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  1. Planning and Brainstorming:

Before you start you vlog, you need first ask a couple of question to yourself such as why you want to vlog? What is your target audience? How much of time in a week or a month you will be devoting for your vlogs? Etc. the answer of these questions will bring clarity in your mind. Decide your long term and short term goals to become more specific. Write all the answers and jot down in order to decide your action plan. This exercise will help you determine how serious you are in order to become a YouTuber or a vlogger.

  1. Unique YouTube Channel Name:

Once you are done with planning and plotting regards to your channel and vlogs, you should focus on deciding a unique and attractive name for your channel as well. Keep a name that resonates with the content of your vlogs, ideas and content. Once you decide a name, search and find out if the name has already been taken or not. This may be a time consuming activity but certainly worth putting in the practice.

  1. Practice Your Vlogs:

Do not rush and upload your video on YouTube. Take your own time in deciding the content. Always remember that audience prefers quality. Film a video that is attractive, watchable, informative, presentable and fun. Be yourself while shooting a video. Take enough time to practice before you film the actual one. Stand and talk in front of mirror so that you can know your areas of improvement. You can even shoot a few “Test Footage” that may help you know the right kind of camera angels, sound or lighting. Ensure to work and master on the fundamentals vlogging before you upload your first vlog on YouTube.

  1. Film Vlogs for Your YouTube Channel:

By now, you have acquired all the necessary information that you need to film your first vlog. So, now it is time to start your creative, crisp and professional vlog. Get yourself a digital camera with good video and audio quality features. Ensure that your vlogs are being filmed in proper lighting with good audio features so that audience and subscribers of your YouTube Channel can connect with you easily.

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  1. Edit Your Videos and Vlogs:

Most of the vlogs and videos would require editing. For example, if you have made a vlog on how to bake a cake, you don’t need to show the entire baking process. You will have to edit certain part of the videos that are unnecessary or uninteresting for the audience. Get yourself a good editing and qualitative software. If you feel confused, then have a look at similar type of vlogs and accordingly edit your vlog’s part. Add some background music or beats to enhance the overall presentation. However, ensure that the music is not too loud to distract your audience. Good editing of videos are the essentials for YouTube vlogging channels.

  1. Advertise Your Channel and Vlogs:

Treat your channel as a brand. Start spreading a word of your YouTube channel and videos on different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc.  promote your YouTube Channel. You can even create a logo, channel trailer and buzz line to make it more attractive. Also, do not forget to write vlog description in which you can add the links to connecting to your social media profiles to get more affiliation with your audience.

  1. Build Your Own Vlog Community:

Show your audience that they mean more than subscribers to you. Ask for suggestions from your subscribers and try to act on the same. Start a discussion related to topics. Try to engage them in conversation. Show gratitude and appreciation towards your fans as it will inspire your community to fetch more viewers and subscribers for you. Appeal them to get you more subscription so that your community can grow even larger. Last but not the least; be consistent with your vlogs.

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