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Top 10 TikTok Videos of 2019

With the advent of technology, social media has taken over the world. Similar is the app of TikTok, that has taken the world by storm. People all around the globe are addicted to this social media platform. But, for those who are unaware, TikTok is a platform for creating and sharing short videos. Moreover, the app was first launched in September 2016 but got a stable release only in April 2019. The app has reached 150 countries and currently has 500 million active users worldwide at the moment.

The popularity of this platform has risen so much, that people are even paying to buy TikTok fans, to make their videos more popular. So let us take a look at the top 10 TikTok videos of the year 2019:

  1. Dancing diva:

TikTok is a platform for talented people. Here, everyone gets a chance to exhibit their talents, and what’s better than carefree dancing. Here is a trending and happening video of Bollywood actress Disha Patani dancing on a peppy beat and promoting the product Pepsi. Her amazing dance moves have garnered her tonnes of likes and comments. Her inherent passion for dancing is what makes this video so unique and appealing. If you too want to increase Tik Tok fans of your video then try something different like her.

You can watch her video at

  1. Power of TikTok:

Well, if you think TikTok is all about fun and games, then you are mistaken. There are plenty of people who also use it for spreading positivity, joy, and happiness. From such videos, masses are inspired and benefited. Here is one such example, of this strong lady using this medium to change the lives of so many people. Her words act as motivation and bring about a change in our society. Many people might be in buzz to purchase Tik Tok fans, but this lady’s popularity is all white headed.

You can watch the video at

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  1. The lip colour challenge:

TikTok has a lot of challenges coming up, that keeps it interesting for everyone. It gives a purpose to people to make videos for and entertains the viewers at the same time. One such trending challenge is this Lip Colour Challenge. Here, you can see a girl trying different lip colours and picking out what suits her the most. Moreover, her expressions and acting skills got a lot of likes for her.

You can watch this video at

  1. The 10 second challenge:

Yet another happening challenge that is making rounds on TikTok these days is the 10 seconds challenge. It is a fun challenge where contestants get only 10 seconds to change their look and become something entirely different. This challenge is not just about changing looks quickly but also making it a lot humorous. Due to the fun element added by this boy here, his video has garnered more than 750k likes and 1.8k comments. Do you think this much popularity is by spending to buy Tik Tok fans? Do let us know about your views.

You can watch this video at

  1. The NBA fever:

The NBA is a prestigious basketball league. People all around the world are enthusiastic about it and follow the events of the league. Here, in this video, you can see the NBA players dancing off and enjoying their time on and off the court. Moreover, their enthusiasm and zeal are evident from their moves, while they dance along to the popular song We Dem Boyz, by Wiz Khalifa.

You can watch this video at

  1. Muscle mania:

We live in a world where fitness is extremely important. Our youth is conscious of their health and make efforts to improve it. Similarly, muscles are also very much in trend. Buffed up muscles are every guy’s dream. Just like Arhan Ansari here, who has posted his video of training alongside a trainer. This video has a whopping 789k likes. You too can get so many likes on your TikTok videos if your concept and act is interesting.

You can watch this video at

  1. Dogs rule the hearts:

Dog is said to be a man’s best friend. Not only that, but they are also the most loving creature on this planet. Pet owners are fond of making videos of their dogs and uploading them TikTok. Just like this one of a Samoyed dog. The cuteness and charm brought more than 771k people to like this video.

You can watch this video at

  1. Dance your heart out:

Dance is the only universal language. People from all over the world are united by this form of art. Here in this video, a group of friends come together to dance. Their motive behind the video is to ask people to be happy and love themselves. They dance along to the tune of a popular upbeat song Love Me by Justin Bieber. Their carefree moves and style have made it a trending video.

You can watch this video at

  1. The plank challenge:

For gym lovers, a plank is a common work. The TikTok enthusiasts bring their favourite gym exercise to social media. They start a plank challenge to test the strength of the people. Similarly, here in this video, we can see a guy taking up the challenge along with a young girl. The girl makes the video cute and funny. Moreover, their video has become very popular on TikTok with this challenge.

You can watch this video at

  1. Gully fever:

Ranveer Singh’s movie Gully Boy took the country by storm. On the whole, everyone enjoyed it and have been talking about its story, raps, and music ever since. The hype is still going strong on TikTok, where are people are taking up rap challenges. Here, is a video of the actor Ranveer Singh, singing along the rap from his movie with a few fans. Altogether, this video has gathered a stupendous amount of likes with 100k views and 318 comments.

TikTok is a very unique platform to share videos and interact with people. If you are looking out to shine and become popular, now is your time. Buy TikTok fans and become a sensation overnight.

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