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Twitter Might Just Remove the “LIKE” Button from the Tweet

As of the Telegraph report, Twitter is going to remove the ‘Like’ button feature from tweets. The reason behind the change is to improve the debate culture exist on the network. This change is expected to bring some positive impact on the interactions that take place. It’s an effort to improve the judgmental take users through away at others and it somehow harms the healthy debate that can lead to much-sorted conclusions.

In spite of this welcomed change, Twitter users are not very convinced about the situations like targeted harassment, hate speech, violent threats, etc. This is something that still is a much severe condition that should be looked upon as the foremost priority for the network to resolve. Therefore, what Twitter is going to do or is planning to fix the problem which is, in fact, a minuscule portion of the larger issue. One removal of ‘like’ button is not going to move mountains for Twitter as far as user satisfaction is concerned. Twitter is being looked up at, for broader shifts in its functioning and features in order to protect minimum right so the users at least.

There have been incidents in which the tweets and the threads were supposed to be reported and should have been declared unacceptable by Twitter. On the contrary, some disgraceful tweets were not allowed to report against, even after making a few attempts the account could not be reported in spite of the content policy that Twitter stands for the users with. Due to this, a user clearly posted a tweet complaining about the unsuccessful attempts of reporting an unacceptable tweet. And these incidents have been taking place once in a while, which seems to be a bigger problem for the users to cope with.

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After repeated attempts to make the complaint, Twitter safety responded to the user and apologized about the delay and assured to take action against the violation that the reported tweet was creating. Therefore, this incident becomes a popular example for many and proved the fact that despite having so many measures against the violated tweets, the network is still lacking in taking immediate action against such suspected tweets.

To make Twitter safer and better for its millions of users, it decided to make changes in the algorithms and weed out the culture of hate speech. The company was in so much of political pressure that it had to make some immediate changes in the algorithmic patterns. And for their immediate and precise changes, the network received appreciation.

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Though the ‘like’ button is a minor change, for now, the conversational pattern and debates are going to look more subtle rather than strict, extreme and offensive. For now, it seems to slow down the biased takes that users projects using ‘like’ button.

Removing this tool will work both ways, those who believe that the ‘like’ button helps n boosting a particular opinion, cause or action by hitting a like button, whereas a ‘like’ is making it an easy way out for those who take a biased stand.

If you have no ‘like’ button on Twitter, every individual user will not get an easy get away with either a positive or negative stand, they have to justify themselves with a response in 140 characters limit. That’s fair enough, and that’s’ what Twitter is traditionally known for.

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