Whatsapp Business App: All You Need to Know

WhatsApp launched a new Business App to connect small businesses with the customers. WhatsApp Business App is officially separate from the Usual WhatsApp messenger, however, this app is available for Android users based in Specific countries like Italy, Mexico, Indonesia, the U.S. and the U.K. Reportedly, it will be rolled out in other countries as well in upcoming weeks. Basically, this attempt has been initiated by WhatsApp to help businesses while targeting their consumers. And the existing users will be able to chat directly according to the choice of business they want to be in touch with.

In fact, WhatsApp announced its release in the month of September last year, specially designed to build a communication between small or large businesses and their customers. The company has already declared its plan to charge large businesses but the service would remain free for small businesses. The business App has been introduced along with some exclusive features so that the businesses can represent their brand across the network. WhatsApp Business App would work similar to the Facebook page, where customers can find information regarding the business like email ID, website or bio of the brand in detail.

To set-up an account on WhatsApp Business App, you can use a mobile number along with a landline number. One can opt for ‘call me’ option to verify the account, in case of a landline number. Regular features on WhatsApp remain same, and also features like quick replies to respond immediately to the customers are added to this new app. For an end user, there is not much difference but for businesses it’s going to be a lot easier to respond in time to the target customers, which is a similar feature available on Facebook for businesses.

On WhatsApp Business App, you can monitor messaging statistics to review the performance of the messages sent to potential customers. Please note that the business accounts will be listed separately for the regular users so as to differentiate their identity and help users find the business they want to talk to. Moreover, the app will be accessible from desktop as well and any other mobile device based on different operating systems. With WhatsApp web, it would become easier for the businesses to interact with clients.

As per the announcement, the businesses will be confirmed after a period of time, when the registered phone number matches the business phone number. And those who are confirmed accounts would get a green badge like they give on Twitter and Facebook, which would represent them as a verified entity.

Although the new launch of the app is introduced to support businesses, while those who are already using WhatsApp are not required to download anything new on their device. Being a regular WhatsApp user, you can expect promotional messages and discount offers from small or large brands of fashion, gadgets and more. Still, you are the controller of your account, you can decide what to receive and what not. End-user remain the priority for WhatsApp, one can block any business or report their messages as spam, if they find them annoying or too much to handle.

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