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Whatsapp Adds New Feature to Delete Messages Sent by You

WhatsApp is ready to surprise its billion users with another in-demand feature I.e. delete messages sent to you immediately. In case, you exceed the time limit of seven minutes while deleting the messages, it won’t work. This feature has officially enabled Android, iOS and Windows users to take control of the messages mistakenly sent. Plus, ‘Delete for everyone’ option is valid for both the sender and receiver (recipient), only if the WhatsApp version is latest.

For most of the users, this feature was quite awaited as many times messages are sent towering recipients and later the feeling of regret is of no use in removing those messages. Even in group chats, when you accidentally send messages which are not meant to be, this will make you undo the previous attempt and rectify within seven minutes. There are no technicalities involved in using this feature, any user can make use of it and a sender and a recipient both will get a notification when the message is deleted successfully. However, if you are unable to delete it within seven minutes, to receive a notification will not be possible and the recipient will see the messages you don’t want them to see.

To make sure whether your message has been deleted from the group for everyone, you got to hold on the message for long in the chat window and tap delete option in the menu bar. Please note that you can choose multiple messages to delete for everyone who can possibly see them. Lastly, you just have to press on ‘Delete for everyone’ and in return, you will receive a notification saying, ‘You deleted this message”. Whereas, the recipient will also get a notification of confirmation that the message has been deleted.

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This simply means that messages sent accidentally will be replaced in the recipient’s window with a note saying, ‘This message was deleted’ with this symbol (*) attached. Likewise, if you notice such message is appearing on your chat window as well, this indicates that the sender has deleted the message for all in the group and nobody is able to view that message any longer.

Delete for everyone’ was in the process of making as the parent company Facebook has been testing this feature since few months and it was a hot topic among the industry experts until WhatsApp rolled out this feature for all. This time there was no favoritism for Android or iOS users, rather its made equally accessible for all users.

Now when it’s out for everyone using WhatsApp. Seems to be the feature to relieve many mistakes everyone makes on WhatsApp chat and especially on group chats.

After this announcement, more introductions and improvements in the chatting process by various other social messaging apps are also expected. It would be interesting to see who comes first to compete with the giant, WhatsApp. Facebook messenger should be the next one to introduce this feature as they both are under the same umbrella, i.e. Facebook.

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