Pinterest SEO and Marketing Tools 2019

Pinterest SEO and Marketing Tools for 2019

There are millions of active users who browse Pinterest in order to discover new ideas. Many users also claim that they have ended up buying certain things just because of Pinterest. With the use of proper strategies, you can actually drive traffic from Pinterest to your website.

Pinterest – A Search Engine:

As per the statistics on Pinterest by Omnicore, around 175 million active users are browsing every month for new ideas and following trends. Out of this huge number, 81% of them have been reported as female users. It has also been observed that these results have uplifted the percentage of sales as well, where 87% of active Pinterest users have purchased products because of this platform.

Pinterest Marketing Tools:

Here are some marketing tools in Pinterest that can help you attract a large number of audiences to your website.

1. Tailwind

Tailwind helps you plan the ideal time to schedule your pins. It also gives you an analytics and reporting system. The suggested times will help your pins reach a number of audiences. Tailwind’s interface is user-friendly.

2. Canva tool

Look like a professional graphic designer by making use of the Canva tool. With this tool, you can generate pin images that look very professional. Canva has many free images, templates, and icons that you can use.

3. PinGroupie

Make use of group boards like PinGroupie. Group boards are followed by a large number of people and this can be used to get the attention of new audiences.

4. PinFollow

With the help of tools like PinFollow, you can increase the number of followers of your blog as well as social media. When you are new you will follow pinners thinking that they will follow you. With the help of PinFollow, you can find out which pinners are not following you.

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Make use of a proper strategy along with Pinterest SEO tools for 2019:

It is not enough to simply make use of tools but you also need to follow a proper strategy. The number of Pinterest users in increasing and hence Pinterest SEO is becoming very important. You need to understand the factors that influence Pinterest Pin SEO. Factors like Domain quality, Pin quality, Pinner quality, and Relevance are crucial. If you want regular traffic from your Pin then you need to optimize the profile. You need to create a business profile and you need to optimize this profile. Make sure that you upload a relevant image.

claim website pinterest

Pinterest gives you the choice to authenticate your website. A query string is provided by Pinterest. You need to connect this to your website.

You also need to make sure that you optimize your profile description. Make sure that you add relevant keywords in your profile description. Next, you need to remember that if your Pinboards do not appear in the search results then all your efforts are in vain. Therefore, you need to make sure that your Pinboards are searchable.

In the settings page of the Pinterest profile, you need to uncheck the option to hide your profile from search engines.

privacy settings pinterest

The optimization of the image size and the pin is also very important. In the image description also, related keywords have to be used. You must apply for rich pins that will give information about the pin. The four types of Rich pins are Product Pins, Recipe pins, Article pins, and App pins.

You also need to create, organize and optimize the boards properly. The Pinboards need to be searchable and users must be able to find the same with ease. For this, you need to select a proper category and then select a proper title. Now in the board description make sure that you add proper keywords. But at the same time make sure that you do not stuff keywords.

Once you have a proper strategy you can make use of different scheduling tools that will help you remain active on Pinterest round the clock. These tools will do the posting on Pinterest on your behalf. Some of the best tools to schedule the pins include Sendible, Tailwind, Viraltag, SocialPilot, Board Booster etc.

In 2019 you can also make use of different ways to get found and this includes the Following tab, Hashtag Feed, The smart feed or home feed and Research.

Marketing and SEO strategy with Pinterest – Can they be?

In recent marked researches there have been few Pinterest marketing and SEO strategies to start with. These are the strategies to uplift the traffic from Pinterest to any website:

  1. Tag the boards with appropriate keywords and optimize them as per the user.
  2. Assigning Call to Actions on images to optimize them.
  3. Focus on how to grow the repins to a higher number
  4. Creating pins regularly.

Regular pinning of the content or creating multiple pins to the same source is termed as an evergreen strategy. And these marketing strategies help in increasing exposure in the Pinterest Smart Feed and SEO.

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Give a boost to your business with Pinterest:

You can make use of the best Pinterest Tools for Business and give a major boost to your business. Increase the presence of your brand by making use of the Pinterest Save Button. The WordPress plugin called Tasty Pins helps in optimizing the images for sharing. Then there is this tool called Tailwind Tribe which is the next level of Tailwind. This tool helps you get more traffic. The Tailwind smart loop lets you schedule pins across a set of Pinterest Boards. Accordingly, you can make the required changes. Easily is a tool which lets you create content that you can share on your blog.

Pinterest is surely a good way to get the attention of more target audiences. You only need to know how to use it effectively along with certain tools. This site should surely be a part of your marketing strategy. Additionally, Pinterest play a vital role in the present and future of Search Engines. So stop thinking and Start Pinning !

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