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Why Getting Monetized on YouTube Does Not Guarantee Money?

According to stats gathered in 2020, people watch about 5 billion videos on YouTube every single day. Looking at this fact alone, a potential YouTuber might be inspired. “Given that these many videos are watched daily, it shouldn’t be that hard for my video to get views, right?”.

Sadly, the truth is far from this.

Almost 99% of the videos on the platform do not get 1000 views. It makes more sense when they understand that approximately 300 minutes’ worth of video is uploaded every minute. Yes, every minute.

What people need to understand is that with each passing day, YouTube is getting more crowded. This is where procrastination can come back to bite. Many popular YouTubers these days seem to undermine how difficult it is to make decent money on the platform. Deceived by false information, people, especially the youth in India, set out and expect to make money right from the start.

Getting monetized isn’t everything. This is just the first step that people need to cross to start making money on YouTube.

Trusted services like SocioBlend, that help grow people’s YouTube account can only do so much. Once someone gets monetized, they are on their own to consistently produce quality content to ensure they beat the algorithm.

Let’s look at the algorithm. In simple terms, the algorithm can make or break you. Beat the algorithm, and they will have multiple viral videos getting hundreds and thousands of views daily. Get beaten by the algorithm, and their videos get buried in the depths of an ocean of content.

Is all hope lost?

Well, not exactly. An aspiring YouTuber needs to keep a few things in mind before deciding to move forward into this platform. These might seem obvious to some aspiring YouTubers, but many often overlook such key points. It tends to happen because of the excitement of making money and becoming famous. 

1. It is not easy money


YouTube is not easy money. Yes, it is passive income after a certain point, but it is not easy to get it to that level. Going onto YouTube hoping to make quick bucks has never gotten anyone anywhere. Aspiring YouTubers need to be prepared to see close to no money for a while before videos start to make any cash.  

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2. Services that boost online presence can only do so much

A YouTuber should not aim solely to get monetized. They should have a game plan that extends far beyond getting monetized. Services like SocioBlend can help get the account monetized, but it is up to the person involved to make sure that people find their videos. These are services, not magicians. Do not invest in such services if you aren’t serious about posting quality content because the ROI in such situations is non-existent.

3. Maintain a healthy balance between quality and quantity

Every YouTuber is at the mercy of the algorithm and has to produce content that doesn’t go against it. This doesn’t mean creators can get away with sub-par content. It is the responsibility of the creator to maintain a healthy balance between quality and quantity. As a general rule of thumb, aim to upload anywhere in between 1-3 times a week. This keeps the channel relevant and hence helps it find its way into people’s recommended.

4. YouTube requires time

patience (Photo source: Toronto housing)

This is where most youngsters go wrong. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was a popular channel. New creators have to give the platform time. People who aren’t willing to put in the time and effort to grow their channels are not YouTubers. Stick to it long enough, stay consistent, and it will start to snowball soon enough.  

5. Failure is inevitable

motivated in failure (photo source:

Aspiring YouTubers need to understand that failure is part of the package. Rarely do people start from scratch and become YouTube-famous without even a single fail. Those might come in different forms, the most common being a failed video. Choose to learn from previous mistakes and post quality content consistently. Failures are genuinely the stepping stones to success (Cliché, but true).

To Conclude…

YouTube is an amazing platform for anyone to looking to build their brand, grow their online presence, and spread awareness about a particular service or product. While it might seem overwhelming at first, it is do-able. While many channels spread false information about how easy it is to get on YouTube, many are transparent. Look out for such channels and listen to their journey.

It might not be easy, but it is worth it. And, if existing testimonies are anything to go by, YouTube is an investment that yields results in the long run.

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