Instagram and Snapchat

Why Instagram is more preferred than Snapchat?

Why to choose Instagram over Snapchat?

Snapchat Vs. Instagram is the most recent and relevant comparison to make between the emerging social media platforms. Their working nature and targeting pattern is very much similar in many ways. Therefore, the outcome of any marketing strategy depends upon the use of the features and nature of the business. But the points that do count while opting the right platform for a specific push for a start-up. Although both share many common traits as a social media platform such as photos, videos, stories and trending topics as per popular viewership.

Here is a brief comparison between Snapchat and Instagram based upon their currently available options for the users, especially for marketers:

On Snapchat one can create snaps and stories based on the frequent dissemination of the deals and offers that might attract the users as most of them belong to young bracket. Snapchat is a ‘cool’ status symbol among the youth and hence its users gets attracted to the trendy topics, which brands mostly try to grab their attention by associating their offers with the most popular trends across the network.

While on Instagram, the functioning might sound similar in terms of sharing pictures and videos but here the search results depends upon the hashtags and therefore functions upon the most talked about topics. It isn’t like Snapchat where the stories change frequently and sustain for a short span. Rather Instagram helps in finding you relevant searches and its wide user base makes it a better tool to find out results as per demographics and locations.

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Now, the most crucial part is to know, which one would be the most appropriate platform to go with as the demands and targeting differs with each project. Snapchat being the highly focused social network that strictly is based upon the analytical metrics and suggestions to attract one time viewership while Instagram follows its statistics that includes its strong user base i.e. 300 million active users on a monthly basis. Few stats are surprisingly interesting to know its acceptability among the audience as they both follow different approach to run the marketing campaigns.

Factors that allows Instagram to overpower Snapchat:

Helps you discover more
Instagram works strictly upon the changing analytics and search results based on the choices and likes of the audience that keeps on fluctuating. But its wide user base and reach allows you to explore more as per your current followers and liked posts, this helps you discover and cater relevant content as required. Even the suggestion tab offers far better content, profiles and stories for the users to expand their social reach.

Recommendations are wider unlike Snapchat
Snapchat has a limited approach which doesn’t include all recommendations in one go. It has a one-time focused approach where stories get limited viewers such as friends’ of friends or their shares while on Instagram the posts get a wider canvas for projection and representing the posts and hence you get improved recommendations and interaction possibility with the users across the network.

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