Why Reddit is better than Facebook

5 Reasons Why Reddit is Better than Facebook

There might be a very little chance that someone highly active on social media platforms hasn’t heard about Reddit. Just like other popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), Reddit has become one of the most famous & most significant forum communities Worldwide. Not only this, but also many people who use both Reddit and Facebook actively thinks that Reddit is far better than Facebook in many terms. In future, we may expect Reddit to be on the top amongst all social media platforms. So, the main question that comes here is that Why Reddit is Better than Facebook? After extensive research, we have curated 5 Reasons to highlight why people think Reddit is a better platform than Facebook and why you should start using it. So, let’s begin.

5 Reasons Why Reddit is better than Facebook: Reddit vs Facebook

1) Provides Anonymity to its Users/Redditors

One of the most distinguishable features of Reddit is that it provides complete anonymity to its users. Redditors can register on the platforms with a working email only and then can follow subreddits of their choice to interact with other users using Pseudonymous Usernames. Users can even browse all the subreddits conveniently without registering, which is not an option in any other social media platform, be it Facebook or Instagram.

Reddit Anonymous Browsing
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Though anonymity can be a real problem in the Internet World, but with Reddit, the case is the opposite. Due to this anonymity, users feel free to express their views on any topics or discuss them without hesitation. While on Facebook, people know everything about you and your personality and thus, users restrict their opinions on many topics by being more conscious.

2) Better Content Quality than other Platforms

One of the biggest reasons behind Reddit’s popularity is its Content Quality. Unlike other social media platforms, Reddit always focuses on original and valuable content. There are very few chances that you will find fake news or pirated content on Reddit as Redditors love to dig about the topics they are reading or interacting with. If they found anything fake or irrelevant, they downvote it to be removed from the platform.

On the other hand, if users like some content on Reddit, they upvote it to make it more visible so that other Redditors can get Quality information. While on Facebook, the fake news can be spread easily as people trust everything their known/friends posts on their feeds without any fact check.

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3) Easy to Find Niche Related Threads or Groups to Follow & Interact

Yes, you can find Groups or communities to join and interact with on Facebook as well, but they cannot be as niche specific as Subreddits on Reddit. Reddit has subreddits for almost everything you search on the Internet, and thus you can easily find content on any interest you like to follow or discuss.

Niche Specific Subreddits
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Also, you can personalise your experience on Reddit by curating the original content on any topic/hobby/games within the Subreddit you like people to tell about. Same thing you can also do in Facebook Groups, but they are not as niche specific as Subreddits are.  

4) Less Promoted Content or Advertisements

Another best thing you will find on Reddit is the less Branded or Promoted Content, unlike Facebook or Instagram, where you will find more and more advertised content from Brand pages. Redditors welcome the brand posts or advertisements less, and also they provide their honest opinion about these ads without any hesitation. So for brands who want to check the quality of their products can directly ask Redditors about it.

There is a discreet advertising program on Reddit in which you can clearly see an identified promoted post on the top and some AdSense banners on the right side. Similarly, in the mobile version, you can see the sponsored post after every ten posts, and thus there is less branded content that will distract you on Reddit than on Facebook.

Sponsored Content on Reddit
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5) Lack of Censorship

Reddit believes in a hands-off approach to censorship. Because of this anonymity, users tend to freely discuss their lives or any other topic that they otherwise feel shy to talk about. But this doesn’t mean that users can post spam or poor content on the platform as moderators of Subreddits keep monitoring the topics users are posted and delete if they find something irrelevant or spammy.

Final Words!

The honest and transparent approach of Reddit makes it better than any other social media platform to join and engage. These are the 5 top reasons why Reddit is better than Facebook in terms of content, marketing and engagement. So, what are you waiting for? Try the platform today if you haven’t yet, and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments. 

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