10 Free Ways to Market Your Android App

After putting all your efforts now you have built your app and you are ready to introduce it!! Now the real test starts for you. Launching an app is one thing and promoting it and make it successful is completely different. It’s a huge task to promote your app and become successful. You need an excellent marketing strategy to stay ahead in this competitive world otherwise you’ll be lost in the pool of other apps out there. You need to build a smart marketing plan in order to achieve your goal. You can increase android reviews and reach out to your targeted group.  Here are few points that will guide you to promote your app and that too free:

Inform Your Friends:

Reach out to your friends and post it on their social networking profiles and ask them to share it further with their friends and post it. This will increase your reach initially and will give you an upper hand in the initial phase.  You can also buy android reviews as many sites are providing these services and promote new apps.

Build a Microsite:

This will help you in reaching out to the web audience. Here you can also display some of the prominent features of your app or service you are giving. This little task can prove to be fruitful if you do it carefully.  

Start a Blog:

Write interesting and quality content about your service, so it can be worth reading. It will definitely help you in increasing the number of downloads. Write the blog for the likeminded people and create content accordingly. Also, let users give their comments make it interactive.

Promote on Social Networking Sites:

Build a community on all the major social networking sites Twitter and Facebook and make sure that your posts are interesting. Keep it interactive, so others can participate as well. Try to post something which is useful for the users and gradually inform them about the major attributes of your service.

Get Positive Reviews:

These days’ users have become very selective and it always helps you create a positive environment for your app. You can buy Android app reviews and creative a positive image about your app and the service you are providing. Buy android reviews and you will definitely have an edge over your competitors. As more downloads will ultimately extend your reach and you can increase your business with it.

Guest Posts:

Many blogs or sites allow you to write a review of your app. But you have to be very careful while grabbing this opportunity. Always decide your target audience and make sure to write what is useful for the users. It can have a great impact and you can increase android reviews through it. You can also give the link to your app, this can ultimately lead to increase the number of downloads.

Apply for Awards:

Do a little bit of research and you can find various platforms where you can apply for awards, this will help you in increasing the ranking of your app. You need to showcase the exceptional features of your app and apply to those platforms where you can be presented as a great contender. This can be an added advantage to increase your visibility as it will help you in increasing your Google rankings.

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Create a Video:  

Creating a video can be a very productive step towards promoting your app. This is one of the most interesting ways to keep the users engage and guide them about all the positive features of your app. You can always use YouTube and Reddit and extend your reach.

Promotional Activities:

Run a contest! This is one of the coolest ideas to get yourself noticed. Run contests related to the service you are giving and target the like-minded audiences. It will be an effective way to increase android reviews as well.

Become an Expert:

This is one of the finest ways to increase your fan following. Interact with the users and listen to their problems carefully and offer a helping hand and give genuine solutions to their problems. This will definitely give word of mouth publicity. Spreading your message with this marketing tool will surely keep you ahead of your counterparts. This is also considered as one of the most effective tools of marketing.

So now you know all the effective ways to communicate…so you are good to go!!

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