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Google Renames Google Adwords to Google Ads

Google has decided to revamp Google Adwords, it’s going to be an influencer in the digital advertising industry. Google AdWords will be rebranded as Google Ads, even the Analytics 360 will be named as Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager.

Few of the Highlights that users as well as marketers much be aware about are mentioned in the following points:

  1. Since Google AdWords is going to be known as Google Ads now, the features of Adwords campaign will remain the same; along with that new campaign choice will be introduced. For instance, Smart campaigns, which will be help in making the campaign simplified for small businesses.


  1. The traditional DoubleClick display advertising will be combined with the Google Analytics 360 Suite. And the new title of this merger will be Google Marketing Platform. This would work as an all-rounder interface that will enable marketers in planning, buying, measuring and optimizing digital media and customer satisfaction.


  1. In addition to this, Google has announced to combine DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager and Audience Centre with Display and Video 360 in the name of Google Marketing Platform. They will help the operating agencies to keep an eye on the activities through this central interface.

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  1. Both DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange are going to be part of Google Ad manager, this would become a platform for publishers to sort out any problem creating content of advertisements. The complications will definitely see a drastic fall out that most of publishers face.


  1. The Best part about this announcement is that Google is also going to expand its community in the marketing arena. With the introduction of Google Marketing Platform Partners, an emerging community of marketing resources will begin to outsmart Goole Analytics Certified partners and the DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partners Programs also.

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The reason for this game-changing decision seems to be the gradual shift among the consumer preferences and increase in use of mobile devices. The technological advancements has somehow challenged the complications that where evident in the Google Adwords. Google has to go with the flow that technology, feasibility and customers defines for it altogether. Now the simplification and consolidation of all necessary features will help in changing the dynamics of digital marketing. Example of Amazon is very well relatable, as it also introduced paid advertising of its own in order to compete with Google, as consumer query and search results are the foundation of sales. So the biggies are chasing for the best position to acquire more customers and topmost position in the market place.

The new arrangement will be equally challenging for technology driven marketing and social platforms such as   Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and many others.

Although most of the meat are welcoming this change, as its well accepted by most of them that ‘Change is the only constant’. But due to some initial difficulties they might miss the absence of Google Adwords in its traditional avatar. But all in all Google Ads still is going to hold its market position strong as ever.

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