10 Smart Tips to Increase Quora Upvotes

10 Smart Tips to Increase Quora Upvotes

Quora is social platform that is supposed to set out apt answers for questions or queries that are asked by the users. It’s a kind of ‘How may I help you?’ service, a discussion forum to be precise. People can get their answers and even opt to give opinions, answers to any kind of topic being discussed. Now to earn rewards, one has to gain more Upvotes or viewership in simple term. The reach and participation goes high if the Upvotes are coming in and vice versa. Therefore to get more and more Upvotes on Quora, one has to know the following tips to start the journey:

  1. Stay persistent in writing

Nothing can stop, if the inflow of answers is constant. Any response is countable only if it’s instant and emphasized to solve the problem. And to keep up the flow, you got to make continuous attempts to satisfy the users.

  1. Add a new perspective to the topic/question

Try to make it candid and edgy for the ones who have gone through so many stereotypes answers already. They are in search of something new, you must address their demand.

  1. Begin to improve reach

Even if you get low start, keep at it. You must try your hands on various topics, don’t restrict your responses to one type, otherwise you might lose a lot many possible discussions and worthy interactions.

  1. Originality pays off

It’s not about giving your viewpoint with respect to the question, it’s about how you make it relatable for the readers. Try different narrative styles and come up with your own niche style to up to.

  1. Learn to sustain followers

It’s easy to gain attention in the beginning but to keep them intact for long is something you need to earn with sheer dedication. You have got to respond to each comment, whether it’s favorable or not. By joining similar discussion, get more readers to your kitty.

  1. Offer witty answers

witty answers quora

Theoretical answers can get a bit boring for the readers, therefore try some quirky one-liners, or add some funny circumstances to make it readable.

  1. Keep things to the point

Avoid exaggeration or dragging a point unnecessarily, it can annoy the readers. Present your point with clarity and avoid any complicated example.

  1. Add some humor when required

Make sure that you include a funny caption or quote, especially when the subject calls for it. Don’t over-do it, but one must write as per the requirement of the genre.

  1. Famous examples can be relatable

Popular personalities, quotes or sayings can be plucked in to make the answers more convincing and understandable in terms of believability. Plus its more inspiring when the readers get to learn from living examples or stories.

  1. Use descriptive illustrations

As they say a picture can convey thousand words, therefore, putting an image would instantly get more attention. It would give your words a meaningful depth and certainly more Upvotes.

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