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10 Super Cool Tools for Content Writers and Bloggers

A piece of writing is a sheer work of art and requires competencies and tools, which helps in improving the work each time. Good content can become great by using these tools as they will add value to your content to go viral. The content has to match up with the marketing strategy to make it work in every way for the strategy we are working with. If you are already well-versed with the fundamental basics, even then these tools will polish the work you are going to produce. This simply will make you a frequent writer and you can overcome little errors in less time. Here’s the list of few super cool handy tools for bloggers and content writers:

  1. Grammarly


An amazing tool introduces by Google to point out a small grammatical error in few seconds and helps you save a lot of time. Grammarly can check up to 250 types of writing mistakes while detecting your content, for which you have to register for the paid version. Plus, it also assists and explains about the mistakes you are making and the reasoning for it is also given to make you understand things in a better way. Genuinely a smart tool to save your time and reputation if you go wrong somewhere while writing the content.

  1. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor

In case you are looking for a tool that can help in improving your writing, this one is the most used and lied tool for this purpose. It is popular among writers as it offers you to add phrases into your writing to give the content few heavy words to make it impressive. Also, it highlights grammatical errors and rectifies them as well. You can find alternative suggestions to improve the quality of the writing. Like a loyal editor, it will mark all irrelevant and confusing words, passive voice and more.

  1. Refly


A perfect alternative of proof-reading while you are writing. It simultaneously keeps a check on the mistakes being done and suggests alternative choices to pick from. The best feature of Refly is, it keeps you on track to write daily by this goal tracking feature. It will notify you and helps in developing a writing habit. Content has to have some relevance to Google and to solve this Refly helps you optimize the content to make it fit for Google.

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  1. Skitch

skitch logo

Need to add something to the image? Skitch is the tool to for you to add those guiding, highlighting arrows and annotations. It’s a free tool to use for all purposes and adds punch to the images to share. All you need to do is to register for an Evernote account and Skitch is there to enhance the quality of any kind of image.

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  1. Google trends

Google trends

A complete tool that tracks all kinds f trends on the web searches and one can find it on the basis of Geographical region. You can check and cross-check current trends of different fields at one place according to the regions. You can select the area of your interest and the location, accurate results would be there to evaluate. It’s a brilliant tool to make everyone aware of what is going on the web and helps you pick the right one.

  1. Hubspot’s blog topic generator


There are days when a blogger gets short of ideas and at that point of time, you wish for a support system to help you come out f the vacuum zone. Hubspot’s blog topic generator will display a wide variety of topics to be chosen as per your choice. In the search bar, you need to type few words for reference and there you are with so many ideas on your screen. This tool provides the ignition to ideas to be further sculpted into great content.

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  1. Calmly Writer


All those who feel distracted while writing should try this tool. Calmly writer helps you focus by putting on its “focus mode’. For instance, if you are writing a particular paragraph at a given time, you can use this focus on mode to blur everything else on the screen, which really works. Although Microsoft Word, OpenOffice writer and more such are used and liked by the users Calmly writer would come up with suggestions o sub-headings, quotations, links and so on. The best feature is that it helps you visualize ideas and structure of the content easily on your screen.

  1. Ilys


Ilys is such discipline oriented tool to keep things limited as per the requirement. You need to set the word limit before you start writing. By doing this, you are bound to stick to the word limit and write continuously till your target is not achieved. When you reach your set limit, only then you can go for any kind of editing.

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  1. Unsuck-it


While writing on a particular subject such as a blog on digital marketing, you need to follow certain jargons popular in that area. This tool suggests you the best alternative for that terms and even gives you an explanation as well.

  1. Bitly


If you are quite active on social media networks, you would know how long are the links when you want to include them in your post. Not only they are lengthy but also looks weird while putting such a long link and no space left when you have to write something more in it. In such situation, Bitly is a savior, you can paste a link in Bitly’s link creator and you get a condensed and attractive version of that link, which now can be added anywhere you want to without occupying much space.

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