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How to Drive Traffic from Twitter to Your Website

Twitter has its own rules and regulation to follow, if you want to generate a good number of traffic for your blog or website. There is so much of clutter everywhere around, that you need to work upon them strategically. Use the techniques carefully so that things work for you. Influencers on Twitter should be your priority to focus upon. Eventually, you will get a grip on the activities to be followed on a regular basis and half of your job is done. Here are few tips for generating more traffic through Twitter:

  1. Emphasize on visuals

Text is the old-school version of a tweet. Now, you got to upgrade and experiment with the format as well as the content. Images, Videos, GIFs are always fun to not only watch but to share too. To come up with new, innovative, original pictures of places, nature, events etc. can become a niche for your brand. Select those images that hold a sturdy focal point so that it leaves an impact on the followers. Plus images get noticed quickly and have high circulation possibility than text.

  1. Don’t roll out everything

You must post the link of your website’s latest update, but make sure it should not be stuffed with too much of everything in it. It has to have a breathing space and must build curiosity among the readers so that they get interested in the subject and click to read more from the website. In short, you must tease your followers; make them curious to read further about the topic.

  1. Repeat without being annoying

To post a tweet again and again is not considered as good practice. It’s lazy and boring for them to see a thing repeatedly but yes you can post same thing in different ways, which on the other hand would make them more inclined towards it. For example, Tweet it once with the text and link, then quote it in the next tweet. The third time, you must ask a question or opinion of the readers and compel them to read and respond. This is how you repeat things and yet involve the target users.

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  1. Utilize the power of your bio

Most of the people add details about themselves, likes, personality, hobbies and occupation. But for optimum utilization you can also add the link of your latest blog post instead of just introducing yourself. It’s an effective technique for interest groups and members of lists from different demographics to find you through the common factor i.e. Hashtags and interest.

  1. Use give and take tactic

Ask question to your followers and divide their opinion through polling through challenges for them to get their feedback. This helps you in finding the market trend, which can be used for creating content of your website. It’s a give and take cycle that you need to maintain, to remain ahead of the race and to be the first to gauge the changing trends. Those who can get them would lead at all spheres, that works at least in the world of Twitter.

  1. Build connections and encourage interactions

Once you have a community, you got to maintain the engagement to keep them involved with your updates. They have to be worth reading and for that even if you got to share the tweets of influencers, you must do it. Balance between the latest updates of the industry and self-promotion. This will make you build string connections and a community base to multiply.

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  1. Hashtags rule Twitter

Without images Instagram is nothing. Likewise, without Hashtags Twitter won’t survive. You got to understand the relevance and how powerful Hashtags are, especially for making this network run. Hashtags registers your tweet on a specific discussion forum,

  1. Add some humor and fun

Tweets are not only designed to spread serious stuff. You can include some humor to them in a casual manner. It has to get the attention from as many as possible. Humor is still an underrated way of communication. But gradually people are realizing its effectiveness. Make them laugh, entertain, and you have done it. At least it was worthy reading it, they would consider you first than any other. You are one level up already, if you get it right.

  1. Make use of sharing, it’s open for all

Share tweets of the influencers or any tweet for that matter. If you like the content, you need not to endorse it but Retweet it. This shows your sincerity and no non-sense attitude toward your work. Sharing other tweets is a good sign, this will reflect as a positive image for your business as well. Try to win confidence of your followers. Build friendly connection, they are more likely to last long.

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