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Facebook Introduces Profile Picture Guard to Stop People from Misusing Your Profile Photo

The most popular and used social network Facebook has been noticing and receiving some complaints about the misuse of profile pictures. To solve this problem, Facebook has come up with a solution to prevent copying, sharing or misusing images o other users without their permission. Now the users can simply choose to guard their profile, which will automatically protect the picture and no one would be able to share or download the profile picture. It’s a major amendment in the new system that will disable unknown people from tagging as well.

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To differentiate this new introduction with the regular profile picture, a blue shield border will be visible around the picture as a symbol of protection from Facebook. Till now on Android devices, Facebook ensures that it will protect other users from taking screenshots to an extent. Facebook decided to implement this new guard for the images as it became a disturbing practice, especially against female users. In Indian society, it is quite a subject of discussion whether it is safe to upload a profile picture on Facebook or not. Still, there are many female users who hesitate to share their pictures on Facebook. Keeping such doubts and inhibitions about uploading images compelled it to implement a change for rectifying this phenomenon.

This addiction has got technical support from other organizations and after conducting so many tests it got finalized to protect the profile pictures from any misuse. According to Facebook, the relevance of adding a blue boundary design to the picture is likely to reduce at least 75 percent possibility of sharing or copying the image. This will allow the users to add any layer on Facebook in no time but all the tools might not be able to prevent profile pictures from being copied overnight. It would take more time than expected. Plus, it can be deactivated by selecting the option of ‘turn off profile picture guard’. Though it’s not a fool-proof plan to secure the image from being shared by anyone, as per the social media experts, it will only discourage them to copy a blue border shielded picture.

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Facebook gives further clarification on this introduction by assuring that it will at least stop the users to screenshots from an Android device. However, one can take snapshots through the desktop version of Facebook. Please note that the blue shielded border is just a visual hint to protect that image rather than a strict technical obstacle. Even after these loopholes, if this new system can leave a positive outcome in some way for the Indian users, then this tool can be further worked on to improve the quality of the feature. As of now, Profile picture protection initiative is restricted to the Indian user base and whether it’s going to implement a similar feature in other countries or not is still not clear. All in all, it’s a notable effort to stop the unwanted practice, only if it implements what it promises.

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