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Facebook Launches Bulletin- The Newsletter Platform to rival Substack

Facebook- the social media giant is known for its multiple subsidiaries, from the photo-sharing app Instagram to the popular messaging chat, Whatsapp. Now the platform has added one more platform to its list, named Bulletin. It is the standalone newsletter platform launched by Facebook on Tuesday. Facebook launches Bulletin to compete with its rival Substack and to support independent content creators in the U.S. To get all the details about this Bulletin newsletter, dive deep into this article.

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Everything about Facebook Bulletin Newsletter Platform

Bulletin is the new free newsletter platform by Facebook to take on all its rivals, especially on Substack, by encouraging independent creators’ written content and podcasts. Bulletin is built on a different platform- on its website and will help creators grow their audience in ways that are not exclusively dependent on the Facebook platform.

Discover fresh content on Facebook Bulletin- The newsletter platform
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Having a Facebook ID won’t be necessary for the users to use the Bulletin platform, but to pay for its subscription-only groups, live audio rooms & premium content, they can use the Facebook Pay option.

You can understand Facebook Bulletin as a set of publishing & subscription tools. Each creator of the Bulletin platform will have a standalone website with their dedicated logo, publication’s name and colour palette. Also, the creators will get the freedom to customize their articles using styling options and multi-media embed. This content will then be distributed in Facebook news and Discovery surfaces to help users easily browse it and subscribe.

Facebook Bulletin Subscription Based Newsletter Platform

According to Facebook, the platform will introduce additional tools and audio features to distribute podcasts & long-written content by the Bulletin creators. Also, the Bulletin content will be integrated with Facebook pages so it can be published across various multimedia formats.

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How will Facebook Bulletin work?

Facebook launches Bulletin to offer a range of subscription-based features like commenting abilities, premium content and exclusive Facebook groups for the subscribers. Facebook will not take any cut from this subscription, and creators will keep all the subscription revenue by themselves. Subscription payment will be handled securely by Facebook Pay to give you an option to pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

Facebook Bulletin will also offer a multi-year licensing deal to the writers to build a loyal and strong relationship with their readers. Also, there will be a new set of analytical tools for writers to understand their audience’s interest & behaviour that will help them to grow their subscriber base.

To grow and nurture their community of readers, Facebook Bulletin’s writers will be able to create Facebook Groups (paid or free). In these groups, they can offer subscriber-based exclusive content or host subscriber-only conversations to add value.

Exclusive Content Creators and their work on Facebook Bulletin
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Some of the popular content creators and their work you can find on this latest newsletter platform are:

  • Adam Grant, Adam Grant Thinks Again
  • Erin Andrews, The Real Deal with Erin Andrews
  • Dorie Greenspan, xoxo Dorie
  • Jane Wells, Wells Street
  • Malcolm Gladwell, Oh, MG
  • Tan France, Tan France’s Real Reality
  • Tyler Cowen & Alex Tabarrok, Marginal Revolution

Final Words!

With the launch of the Bulletin Newsletter Platform, Facebook is all set to compete with its rivals in the market. The addition of this new platform will surely increase the userbase of Facebook and help it to tap into the new unexplored market. If you have any queries related to this latest newsletter platform that we forgot to mention here, share them with us in the comments. Stay Tuned for more technology updates.

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