How difficult is to find a replace for Facebook

How difficult is to find a replace for Facebook

Finding a replacement for Facebook is not an easy job

The foremost thing that can put forward Facebook in comparison to its competitors is its easy accessibility. If you sit down and start to compare it is hard to find out another social platform that is as user-friendly as Facebook. If you look at to its users list you can see that even a not so educated person has an account in Facebook, it is that easy to access. You need to be a pro in internet using in order to use other social media applications like Google+.

Why it is tough to give a competition to Facebook?

If someone asks to tell about a single feature that is present in any social media app but not in Facebook, you will stumble to find a prolific answer. It’s because the developers of Facebook won’t give you a chance to complain or to raise a finger on their incompatibility. If any other developers are smart enough to invent a new feature, the developers of FB are smarter to imitate the feature and to create a replica with better aspects.

  • Facebook has introduced its mobile version as well, and with its introduction it has achieved more users, as now people do not need to open his PC or laptop in order to check the latest story, notification and friend request.
  • And with its Messenger now chatting with friends has become far easier; it has enabled its user to enjoy all the facilities of an instant messaging app. You can share image and videos, instantly caught videos or images, emoticon and even can send voice messages. The entire facilities of a voice messaging app, photo sharing app and chatting app is stuffed into it.
  • And now you can search someone in Messenger just by inserting his phone number like you do in Whatsapp and you can make free call to a friend through messenger even if the person lives abroad. There is only two conditions behind it, the person must have messenger in his phone and you both need to have strong net connection in order to enjoy an obstacle free calling experience.
  • Most of the users complained that it is quite troublesome to upload a cover picture or display picture in Google+ through smart phone but while it comes to Facebook you can upload a profile picture or cover picture easily and instantly.
  • If you compare it with Whatsapp, in order to show a single photo to every friend you need to send them individually and in case of Fb just upload a photo and even you can add your memory that is related to the image.
  • While promoting a brand nothing but Fb page is a better option nowadays, each and every brand has their FB page and it is easy to inform about their newly launched product or service through the page. If someone likes a specific page, his friends will come to know it from the homepage.

To conclude the discussion it must to mention that FB has surpassed its roots so deeply and widely that it is hard to misplace it.

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