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How to Grow a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn Groups provide a platform for businesses, professionals to share, engage, and build contacts and a great place to ask for any expert advice. You can communicate with people of similar interests and exchange knowledge. You can search for any term/topic in the LinkedIn search box and join any group. You can also create a group of your own, and promote it to gain more and more members. So what should you do to grow your LinkedIn Group? Is there any shortcut? a trick? Few useful tips to grow a LinkedIn Group are listed below:

  1. Send email invitations

LinkedIn marketing strategy must compile various experiments that have given positive results. And one of them is to send invitations through emails to some of the potential contacts that seem interested from the data displayed on their profile.

  1. Auto-send email to invite new members

Automated emails can be designed to send invites to the closest possible members that might find it interesting and wish to respond to your LinkedIn group as a participant. Contact must be carefully chosen as they can annoy those who aren’t the suitable ones.

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  1. Give it an intensive outlook

LinkedIn for small businesses is a tool to get connected with the clients and can make their mark by making it focused in terms of product or service details that the customers are looking for. It must include minor specifics and acquire interest of the users searching data on a particular subject and hence might help in expanding the group.


  1. Search for suitable members to invite

Look out for the users that have been engaged or have searched similar job postings. Contacts can help you find other indirect users who have shared their interest and can help your LinkedIn group grow. Go through the currently discussed topics or the most talked about issues and then try to establish a channel for communication for those members who might belong to different sectors but their opinion matters and hence to form a connection with them is essential.


  1. Make it a satisfying experience for your followers

Current followers should get something new in each post, industry related insights is what users respond to and appreciate most on LinkedIn. Therefore, try to understand the concerns, needs and questions of the followers, make sure they get solutions for the problems they have shared. You can check our guide on what to post on LinkedIn for some tips. Give them expert advice regarding the issues and invite more reactions or comments on the same. Put out opinion polls for the users to get a rough estimation about the popular view.


  1. Maintain some moderation

Don’t over-do or try experiments, keep monitoring your LinkedIn connections and update them frequently. It leaves a healthy mark on the followers and even the users who might search your profile once in a while. Daily activities and constant updates keep your profile and group visible on the network.


  1. Use other platforms for social media networks

To make an effective use of LinkedIn, please do share the URL link of your page or group on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube Channel, Tumblr, Pinterest or other social platforms. This allows more contacts to see your LinkedIn connections and many indirect users can also get benefited from the same. Contacts from other networks get to know about the LinkedIn connections, endorsements or recommendations, which helps in extending the number of followers.


  1. Creating discussions to engage group members

Discussions, views, opinions, counter questions, suggestions, all these traits makes LinkedIn a unique network for working professionals to present them on a public forum, where things are openly shared. A group should encourage all the members to contribute and come up with their personal views on the subject about which the discussion is.

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  1. A niche will get more members

To get attention from most of the users you should try to include LinkedIn tips for businesses. A defined list of suggestions and tips for small start-ups can become a niche for the group that will gradually attract more followers to come in and follow your group. Niche content can get you endorsements from other influencers of the industry as well.

  1. Group name must be the right one

Pick a name for the group that explains the attributes appropriately and is apt for the users which doing the search. It must go with the features that the group holds and should not be too complicated that it can slip-off from the minds easily.

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