How to Rank Your YouTube Video?

An impactful marketing platform is waiting for you if you still haven’t explored its magnanimous network and reach. Over 6 billion hours are being watched in every month, marketers have been trying to stay on the top rank among others as its the only symbolic of their acceptability and success being a brand. To improve the ranking on YouTube, one has to stand out on both Google and YouTube searches. The following are the key factors, which are responsible for making your efforts count and improve the ranking of YouTube videos:

  1. Content

YouTube isn’t a product selling a website, therefore, you are not required create a video about your product, plus no one would be interested in watching such stuff. Most of the YouTubers upload videos that are problem-solving or guide the viewers about a specific topic, making them learn a skill. Basically, anything that is not a waste of time, rather something productive.

  1. Length

A crucial factor to keep in mind is the duration of the video. When the time limit is beyond the patience level of viewers, videos are likely to lose the interest and gradually the viewership.

YouTube has been working on its algorithm continuously and working on it to make the viewers’ experience worthwhile. Along with the calculation of a number of views. Number of comments, number of shares, number of videos embedded, number of likes, number of seconds spent on watching, and more, all these points are notable while evaluating for the rank of the YouTube video. In simple words, viewers should be gripped for long to get good ranking and keep the videos brief to sustain them.

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  1. Title

The name you want to select for the video depends on the keywords that video is related to and the most searched words need to be carefully chosen. It’s like optimizing the video file just like how SEO works for a website. You have to complete file details before uploading the video, name, and extension should be precisely written with related tags attached to it.

  1. Description

Linking the YouTube video URL to your website will help you in engaging the audience. Moreover, the description should have minimum 200 words, the trick is to add as many synonyms as suitable for the title of the video but do not copy paste the content of description and also avoid overuse of keywords.

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  1. Playlist

Creating playlists is an add on for your video, basically another layer for improving the ranking. After giving the details about the video in the title and description, to form a playlist reflects a sorted method chosen by the marketer to attract audience and search engine for improved indexing.

  1. Customized Thumbnails

When you are satisfied with the content and its uploading process, the last but an essential factor that can affect CTR (Click Through Rate) is the choice you make for the video thumbnail. What you see is what you get, is the simple philosophy behind placing an expressive thumbnail. Viewers housed get the exact idea about the video content, he will be watching. It can be an image or text but should convey the message successfully.

  1. Channel Optimization

Another important factor to consider according to the algorithm is optimisation of the channel page that includes channel art, links, description and subscribes button. In channel art, you can choose an appropriate profile picture and background image for the channel to improve the user experience. Also, the links and description should be added to other social media channels to get maximum viewership.

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  1. Social media promotion

The criteria of relevance are the foremost priority for Google. Hence, to upload your videos instantly on every platform is a great addition to getting a large audience at once. Also, make your presence felt on various similar interest groups in order to get right audience for your content. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are best examples of social networks to sync with your YouTube channel.

  1. Embed and generate links

While building links you got to be careful, YouTube is smart enough to sniff any spam activity. Do not make it easy for them to ban the videos, rather try to generate his quality links that will sustain for a long time. Some of the effective sources are Private Blog networks, social bookmarks, Partner sites, Pinterest Pins, Tumblr posts and more. Follow tricks as per the level of competition among the industry i.e. low, medium and high. For instance, in low competition links should be manually placed for 30 days; it doubles in medium competition which is defined with 400-1000 monthly searches and when the competition is high with over 1000 monthly searches you got to pull up the game by adding 100 social bookmarks, 8 PBN links, 30 web 2.os links and so on.

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