How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation?

LinkedIn, a dense network of professionals covers almost all sorts of industries and employees from different fields. Being a formal social media network, it is important to know the right method to engage the audience through recommendations. To recommend someone, the process needs to start with writing an impressive recommendation. Now, it might sound simple and quick task to do but when you start writing it, you actually end up giving more time than you expected.

The challenge is to include positive aspects about the contact your recommendation is about and yet it should not look like a promotional thing or exaggeration of facts. Hence, the task is to keep it subtle yet effective and genuine. Plus, it is not an essay that doesn’t have a time limit, your recommendation has to be brief, crisp and precise.

To accomplish all this, here are some points to you should go through before you write a LinkedIn recommendation next time:

  1. Begin with a bang

While writing something, it always matters if you start with an amazingly attractive line that can engage almost very who attempts to read the recommendation. The purpose of a recommendation is to give other valid reason for why they should follow or connect with a particular contact. And while doing this, keep it in mind that you do not use words or phrases like ‘one of the best’ or ‘one of my favorite colleagues’ or something like that. You should not add a superlative degree to it rather use words that validates your statement like ‘standout talent’.

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  1. Elaborate about your relationship with the contact

The reader should know why you felt the need to write recommendations for this person and to explain that you have to disclose the relationship with the person. And what relevance does it hold for the readers? Also, you have to tell them whether you are qualified enough to recommend some other contact. This means you need to explain the trajectory of your experiences which are somehow rested to the specific field and the person your recommendation is about.

  1. Reveal a unique trait

Anyone who is deserving for a recommendation must be having a trait, which is original and incomparable. These traits can be various such as talented, experienced, organized and so on that explains unlimited working qualities of a person as a professional. Now to justify these qualities you are not supposed to use these words directly in relation to them rather illustrate an achievement which gives them an idea about how they are better than others.

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  1. Add pinch of personality

Till now, it’s all about the professionalism and pointing about qualities that are strictly related to the profession of the person. But when you have included all the above points in your recommendations, there is need to tell the readers about few personal traits and insights. As a reader its quite intriguing to find out about some unknown facts about the person in a casual manner. Therefore, give them a relatable attribute like he or she is a huge follower of soccer or is addicted to coffee and so on.

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  1. Conclude with a punch

It’s time to finally give readers a hard-hitting point that will vanish away any further doubt and persuade them convincingly to give that person thumbs-up. End your recommendation with an enthusiastic statement that leaves a positive impression on the readers’ mind.

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