How to Promote Your Blog Posts Using Social Media?

Promotion of any blog cannot be restricted to few social media networks only, it has to be customized according to the chosen platform and the type of audience active on the particular network. For instance, a new start-up looking for new contacts must go with LinkedIn, where more chances are to find relevant community. On Twitter, you get a chance to engage a broader group of target audience in just 140 characters. Pinterest and Instagram are primarily picture-based mediums useful for a business that aims to grab attention through visual appeal. Therefore, each medium has its own attributes about which a marketer has to think well and construct a blueprint for the campaign varying from one social platform to another. Here are some well-evaluated methods to be implemented in order to promote a blog via social media:

  1. Link your blog with all social media channels

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Set up a connection to the blog with all other social channels you are active on. Add the URL  to a spot where the visibility is assured and where the audience can easily get the access for. Choose the words carefully while placing the link from the blog, for example, if you write the bio of Twitter profile make sure blog link is a part of it as it would be unavoidable for the visitors to view and respond to. Likewise, on the platforms as well make your link count to get the desired reaction.

  1. Use scheduled posts to get more traffic

When you are not available or active for the social media or say you don’t have much time to manage each one simultaneously, you can easily do it by scheduling the posts on Facebook or Twitter. It has more advantages than a regular update due to the time-saving and brief links shared in limited space. Considering the character restriction it’s preferable to use scheduled tweets as it can add hashtags, mention, images etc in advance and the response will be strategically improved, you don’t have to do it once in while rather you can work on them collectively and responding to the feedback becomes much easier to handle.

  1. Showcase your content through Pins

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If you think the message you want to convey would be more effective if shared through images, then focus on Pinterest and Instagram also for that matter. But Pinterest will register your link and info on the network and search results would help the audience to find out your content. To get attention ensure that you use Rich Pins on your blog or website.

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  1. Participate in LinkedIn groups with blogs

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To post anything that is worth reading for the professionals is a wise decision to take. Re-posting things or promoting your blog has been done by adding the link at the top or bottom of the post. The content of the post needs to talk about the current topics that are relevant to the community and all those who are participating with different purposes must find the updates readable. Also, stay active on the discussion forums regarding the industry-related issues, more attention can drive more visitors on the blog.

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  1. Twitter chats can get you more visitors

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The purpose of a Twitter chat is similar to the discussion forum, it’s about connecting with more similar interest people ad allow them to give their views on various aspects of a single topic. Due to this, one can find so many outlooks over one topic, which helps in building a much stronger and wider community then it was before.

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  1. Google Hangouts can be explored

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Another version to bring all your contacts at one place is Google Hangouts. It comprises all existing contacts whether on Google +, Gmail or Youtube. While adding so many people in one group of discussion gets you attention. Plus, if it’s about a particular blog then you can start a real-time discussion and talk about the topic your blog is about.

  1. Share blog content on online forums

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Apart from these pioneer networks, you can share your blog content on independent discussion forums where almost all types of topics are talked about by concerned individuals.  Here you would be able to get the most unfiltered response and a variety of opinion on the specific topic.

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