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5 Proven Ways to Boost Domain Authority of Your Website

The most important website metric for SEO is Domain authority, hence one should know about the calculation process by combining all link metrics. Link metrics are of various types such as root domains, the total number of backlinks. They basically depict whether your Domain Authority has a greater value or not, it is calculated by the frequency and strength of the traffic coming in on the website.

One must know about three key points about Domain Authority, which are as follows:

  1. DA is basically based on the number of backlinks a site has and the authoritative level of a website decides authority of the domain.
  2. To attain a high score of DA is difficult, Very few have a score of 100 such as Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter and more.
  3. Improving Domain authority is not an easy task to accomplish successfully.

As per few SEO experts, Domain Authority (DA) cannot be modified or altered, Although there are some tried and tested methods, which have proved their effective results. Here are top five proven ways to boost domain authority of your website:

  1. Quality content

You must have heard and read about it a number of times, still, its importance doesn’t fade. What content you post on the website is an open offer for the traffic to become your customer. If you are not able to hit the mark of expectation, domain authority cannot reach on a higher end. The next question is to find out what kind of content should be created so that others link it. One of the easiest solutions is Infographics as its a type of content that is shared the most on Pinterest and Tumblr. Doing this will also help you gain some authoritative backlinks especially by submitting on sites like and DailyInfographic.

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  1. SEO should be technically sound

If you want to earn higher domain authority, you have to work on the technical part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It’s the core of a website’s technical foundation, hence the foremost thing to improve in order to get higher domain authority. Some of the SEO factors are site speed, meta data, HTML code length, schema markup and so on. You can also go with GTMetrix to observe and improve some aspects of SEO on a website.

  1. Remove irrelevant backlinks regularly

All sites somehow have few non-relevant or toxic backlinks, which can be put into a spammy category and must be removed and checked once in a while. It can leave a negative impact in forming sound domain authority. To remain in the good books of Google, you got to pick those and remove constantly. If you follow this method, you will see a positive change in the output, which means you will notice a relatively better position. Even after having a good number of authoritative backlink, if you are surrounded with unwanted or spammy backlinks your site is going to suffer a lot in SERPs. As a solution Ahrefs can be used as a tool to remove such backlinks from a site’s profile.

  1. Create internal links

Do not avoid about building internal links, they are as much important to improve as a website’s domain authority is. Internal linking helps in improving the traffic as well as search engines who crawl to rank your website. In short, it’s one of the best methods to increase the organic traffic of your website and gradually would help in improving the domain authority of a website as well. Internal linking is something a website should keep on adding value as its relatively a self-dependent technique. And as an SEO you should know whatever is more self-sufficient makes targets quick and easy to achieve.

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  1. Age of domain authority matters

Domain authority depends on a lot of its age factor. The older it gets, the higher would be a website’s domain authority will be. Make sure your rich content gets equally good SEO as it’s technically strong background will make it reach the level it deserves to have. Also, stay focused on the quality as competitors can quickly and easily outsmart the score of your DA. If you are not sure about the age of your domain authority you can use free tools for the same. However, domain age may not be equal to domain authority. For instance, if a website is being continuously updated with niche content but simultaneously is following some ‘black hat’ techniques of SEO, you must not expect positive changes. The domain authority score will automatically fall down.

Apart from the technicalities to be followed, an essential point to keep yourself reminded with is that the process may not be time-taking but the results would definitely take a reasonable amount of time. Even if you follow all the above-discussed points regularly, they will not give you desired output in a day or two, rather will require a month at least to pick up.

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