Reddit ads: how to use it

Reddit Ads: How to Use It

Reddit is the World’s largest forum with more than 1.2 billion active readers monthly. It is a perfect place to discuss topics of various niches and viral content. Being a marker, you must not miss this platform to advertise your services/products. Reddit Ads are one of the most efficient and economical ways to stand out amongst millions. To use ads effectively, you need to follow some community guidelines that we will cover in this thread. Let’s learn about types of Reddit ads and how you can effectively use them to generate leads.

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Types of Ads available on Reddit

Desktop and Mobile App view of Reddit Ads
Desktop and Mobile App view of Reddit Ads

Ads on Reddit are relatively simple and more effective than other platforms. To design an ad on Reddit, you don’t need a designer or a developer. Simply put the text, logo and all the details you want to highlight and done. There are primarily these types of Reddit Ads:

1) Promoted Post: 

Promoted ads on Reddit can be identified through the light blue background and a “promoted” tag. In promoted ads, there are two types:

a) Link Ads: These type of ads can be created quickly without adding a ton of copywriting. An external link is available in Link ads heading to the landing page or your product’s website. To create Link Ad, you can visit the Reddit Advertising Platform and follow the mentioned guidelines.

b) Text Ads: Just like Link Ads, text ads also contain an external link but to another Reddit Page, where you can mention all the details about your product or services to get read or noticed by the users. This kind of ad basically increases the engagement and traffic on your Reddit blog or answer instead of sending the users directly on your website.

Example of Promoted Post or Video on Reddit
Example of Promoted Post or Video on Reddit
Image Credit: Hootsuite

 2) Display Ad

As the name indicates, this is a kind of traditional banner ad on Reddit, and to put this ad, you have to contact Reddit’s sales team. Unlike Promoted Ads, Display ads are quite expensive and come under the part of Reddit’s managed advertising program.

The starting price of Reddit Display ads is $30,000 and generally ideal for big-budget campaigns of media agencies. To justify the cost, Reddit also provides you with a dedicated account manager and personalised analysis reports for these type of ads.

But before investing your money in display ads, it is advisable to take an idea from the successful campaigns of big companies such as Toyota, Duracell, etc.

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How to start advertising on Reddit? – Step-by-Step Guide

As we told you earlier, advertising on Reddit is pretty simple and straightforward. Just follow these steps to create an effective ad campaign:

1) Set up a Campaign

Ad campaign for reddit ads
Image Credit: FoolCDN
  1. Reddit Account
  2. Ad Copy (headline)
  3. Thumbnail image (Maximum of 140*140)
  4. Mobile Card View Image (1200*628)
  • Once you have all this, sign it and name your Campaign (the name will be visible to you only and not to other users)

2) Select your Audience

Choose audience for Reddit ads
Image Credit: Disruptive Static

After naming your campaign, now you have to choose whom you want to display your ad. Select your target audience keeping these parameters in mind:

  • Interests
  • Location
  • Platforms (Mobile app and Web)
  • Subreddits
  • Mobile devices (iOS or Android)
  • Advanced time of day targeting

You can take a lot of ideas about your audience by analyzing the “create subreddits” of your particular niche. Also, Reddit allows you to negatively target some keywords or subreddits which don’t want to include in your ad. Using these options, you can smartly target your audience and niche.

3) Set Your Budget

How to set budget of Reddit ad
Image Credit: Hootsuite

Once you are done with targetting your audience, now decide your campaign budget. Reddit ads are charged by Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM), which means that you have to pay “X” amount for per thousand impressions. 

Reddit ads work on a second price auction, which means that the highest bid for the target audience wins, but the price needs to be paid for it is second-highest bid plus $0.01. So choose the bid accordingly, which you are willing to pay at maximum.

4) Select your Creative

After targetting your audience and deciding your budget, only a few steps are left to complete the campaign. Follow these steps to complete your ad campaign:

  • Choose Ad Type: Determine which ad type would you like to go for from Link ad to Text ad. Also, you can choose the option to enable comments for your ad.
  • Choose a clear heading: Write a compelling headline for your ad up to 100 characters. Avoid using excessive symbols and capitalizations.
  • Upload the relevant Images: Choose the image which is compatible with all mobile app and desktop view for the better results.
  • Name the creative: Give a unique name to each of your ad creative to keep track in the future. This name will not be visible to the other users.
  • Submit for approval: And finally, submit your ad for approval. The team will take 24 hours to review your ad and notify you once it will be live.

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Don’t lose your creativity while creating an ad on Reddit. Analyze a few of the best-performing ads before designing the campaign to understand which things can work better for your brand. Start with a low bid and then optimize by analyzing your results. For any more queries or support related to Reddit ads, connect with us in the comments section. Keep learning, keep growing!

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