SEO facts for businesses in 2019

SEO Facts That Every Business Must Know and Understand to Achieve Greater Success in 2020

All businesses need to have a robust online presence in today’s digital world. This is simply because we know that the Internet is regarded as a trustworthy source of income not only for businesses but also for organizations and individuals across the globe. SEO has gained a lot of traction over the years and is regarded as an integral part of every marketing stratagem as businesses and brands are striving to achieve a higher ranking on the search engine rankings page. 

You need to stay abreast of all the latest developments and algorithmic updates in the SEO world to appear in the search results. As per forbes, SEO seems to be dynamic and in constant motion, forever changing and making it extremely difficult for businesses to keep track of all the changes that are taking place in the digital landscape. This is surely quite exciting but at times, a wee bit scary. However, it is quite clear that both emerging and even the older technologies would be having a great impact on SEO. The following few facts should help in understanding SEO better and knowing how it could lead to increased brand recognition and promotion.

Treat SEO as an Investment, Not An Expense

People generally have a misconception about SEO that it involves a huge expense to get started. SEO is not so costly if you stick to search engine rules and follow the right dictates. You must not consider SEO as a major expense. Instead, you must treat SEO as a great investment as the ROIs are extremely encouraging and hugely motivating. The long-term SEO returns seem to be much greater as compared to the one-time expense for getting your website optimized for search engines.

Social Media Is an Integral Aspect of SEO 

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Social media is certainly an important and integral aspect of all your SEO campaigns. Numerous brands and businesses are leveraging multiple social networking sites for promoting their content. Such popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. are leveraged to create impressive business profiles. Businesses must exploit such platforms to the maximum for boosting their overall online presence and promoting their brands. If you want to read more about this topic there are many useful guides on the internet. Thanks to these powerful social media platforms, your products could easily be accessed by your specific target audience thus boosting your SERP rankings. Using a social networking site that is relevant to your specific industry will help in boosting your brand a great deal. 

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Original & Fresh Content Is of Pivotal Importance

Quality of content is of pivotal importance. It is almost impossible for you to achieve a higher SERP ranking without focusing on the content quality and the keywords to be used. Today search engine algorithms are advanced and much smarter so you must cater to their demands for achieving a better SERP ranking. Experts believe that the content quality and originality are the chief driving factors for a high search engine ranking. Focus on creating genuine, error-free and compelling content that boosts your overall web performance and motivates other websites to link with you. You could get in touch with a reputed New York SEO firm that could assist you with their expertise in boosting your content marketing and overall SEO strategy to gain a competitive edge.

Give Priority to Long-Tail Keywords

long tail keywords.
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Remember the keywords that are chosen by you, would make all the difference. You must certainly give priority to long-tail keywords. It is recommended by experts to consider using three or maybe four relevant keyword phrases for earning a higher ranking. Long-tail keywords would help your target audience to have access to your content much faster and they can get to know the precise value offered by your products. Several brands are customizing and individualizing the entire search engine experience by using long-tail relevant keywords in their content. A wonderful instance is where a particular brand utilizes a keyword phrase such as ‘Los Angeles Doctor’, another brand utilizes ‘Los Angeles Orthopedic Surgeon’, the second long-tail keyword seems to be far more specific and would be generating more quality leads. 

Voice Integration

voice search google

The developing fame of voice search has been on records like this for as long as not many years, and it keeps on being something to watch.

While voice search may at first have a fabulous time to mess around with, it is presently the standard methods to look for some clients. This connects to pleasantly with long-tail keywords as referenced previously. With more voice search occurring, there is less composing being finished. Search is currently being directed with inquiries rather than entering a couple of search terms. Voice search likewise will, in general, be progressively centered on nearby inquiries.

As we move into 2020, you ought to unequivocally consider voice incorporation methodologies as a major aspect of your SEO.


Remember whatever decision you are making, it is bound to be critical in determining the future success of your brand or business. If you implement the right SEO techniques you would achieve higher SERP rankings. Remember the above-discussed SEO facts before chalking out the strategy if you wish to beat your competition and stay well ahead of the rest.

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