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Smart Link Building Tips for 2017


To be more specific, link building in 2017 is considered to be an art of building relations and offering enough value to the other bloggers and industry experts that they will reward your hard work by providing a link to your content. Link building has always remained fundamental to the search engine algorithms; though with time its significance has risen and dropped over the years with the enforcement of different versions of Google algorithms. But the truth is link building is still considered as a vital tool for ranking.

Even, Google has confirmed that no matter how great your content would be but links will always be the #1 ranking factor. It pays utmost attention to the links more than anything, and so should you. Therefore, it’s time to work on your link building strategies because they only play a crucial role in optimizing the websites.

Now, for building quality links; you must go through these following tips that would help you to stand out in today’s level of stiff competition.

  1. Content Acts as King

Before going for the creation of backlinks, you must first give people the reason to get linked to you. Always remember content still acts as the king. Content supports backlink creation because when you post high quality articles and blogs on your site, you get noticed.

Boost in the no. of Organic backlinks from another site proves that your content has got genuine value. In order to get picked up by search engines and enjoy a valuable ranking position, you really need to create high quality content.

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  1. Guest Posting Acts as Savior

One of the most beneficial tactics you can use to get more traffic and more backlinks is to get guest posting on your website that support content syndication as well. Publishing a piece of content in multiple blogs is what Content syndication is all about.

When the content gets republished by the partner websites, these websites give credit and link to the publisher’s website that has been served as the source of content. This way, your guest post gets featured on some of the most prevalent blogs on the internet. This will ultimately help you in generating more traffic for your website.

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  1. Competitor’s Links Matter Too

At times following your rivals is not that bad. Always try to find out about your main competitors. For link building, think about 100 keywords that according to you are the most highly ranked ones and check competition by SERP Saturation. After this, make a record of your competitor’s backlinks and keep a tab on their URL, Page Authority and Domain Authority.

  1. Dead Backlinks Need To Be Worked Upon

Broken link building is a method of discovering broken external links on sites. The broken link points to the content that appears to be similar to what you have written. Your objective is to get the broken link replaced with a link to your working article. With only this much of effort, the linking website gets an opportunity to get a relevant, high-quality link. Though the process could be a little time consuming but it will surely help you to build better links.

  1. Go For Original Content

Avoid duplicate content as ranking gets affected and the weight of copied content is almost negligible. Moreover, it gives a negative impact about your site and it is not considered a reliable source of content. For positive link building, avoid any kind of copied content as it questions the authenticity of your website. People always prefer fresh and original content.

  1. Use Social Media Platforms

Sharing links through social channels for link building has gained importance in the past decade. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have been sharing the content on a large scale. Search engines do notice them in spite of treating socially shared links differently from the rest of the link. What all you need is a person who is very active on social media. When your content is shared by these highly popular and influential people who have a social following on large scale, it gets recognized on large scale which is beneficial for your website.

A significant rise in social sharing has been observed. Google has also begun to include a great number of social signals into its search results recently. Always remember one thing, this domain is always changing, so, it is better to stay updated. Apart from this, always focus on quality whether you are writing or giving any other services, it is one thing that matters the most and will prove to be fruitful in the long run.

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