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Why Social Bookmarking Is so Useful?

Bookmarking a website by tagging and saving is called social bookmarking, it’s a bit different with the traditional bookmarking in a way that it is saved online while the latter one is saved in the web browsers. Hence, Social Bookmarking is an improved version for saving and sharing online as it is easy to access by your friends. Social bookmarking sites usually enables the users to browse different categories such as Politics, Sports, entertainment, technology, and more.

How is it relevant?

Social bookmarking is a feature that allows you to find out regarding any specific keyword of the website. It basically narrows down the topics from the large section of items available, according to the preferences you have mentioned. One of the most accepted ways to improve traffic on a website is Social Bookmarking. An innovative way to promote your website through various Social Bookmarking sites, users are liking it and contribute a lot in making the content popular on such sites.

Here are few reasons that would explain the importance of social bookmarking and its effective use in detail:

  1. Generates targeted traffic to a website

There are so many social bookmarking sites with different style of campaigns for the users to explore, which attract so many people and engage large number of audience. Due to this acceptability, traffic is targeted to your website specifically to the subject of your own niche. This reflects that the targeted users are intrigued about the topics you talk about on your site or any product that you sell there. In short, your reactions to the submissions of social bookmarking will decide the improvement in the rate of traffic coming in.

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  1. Ranking improves

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Any social bookmarking site is not a regular website; rather they are quite useful from the perspective of search engines. Page rank of these sites will tell you about the intensity of their importance. For example, the ranks vary depending upon its popularity starts from 4 to goes up to 8. The least popular would be denoted by 4 and then it will go up like 5, 6 till 8. Therefore, it’s considered to be a great source of links that helps your website escalate on the ranking index.

  1. Quantity and quality of backlinks accelerates

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While sharing content via Social websites, you automatically begin to participate and contribute in generating backlinks through the receive submissions of the social bookmarking. Plus when you start to link personal profile with any bookmarking site, your rank will start to reach at a higher page rank. This can be beneficial for SEO in a long-run. Gaining more backlinks will gradually lead into a catalyst of growth for your website in terms of SEO rank and traffic.

  1. Growth in the popularity of a site or blog

In a social bookmarking site it is allowed for the users to edit the websites while searching for the information, and they can rank them whichever way they want to. Sharing content or link of your website invites other people on the network to look at it and allows them to share on any other platform they wish to, like any social network or blog. Without any paid advertisement, you get to share your content with hundreds and thousands of users at once, which definitely adds up to the traffic of your website. That’s how social bookmarking sites are making their presence felt and they are helping in growing many others along with their own expanding popularity.

  1. Scope for branding

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These websites even give your brand a space in order to create your personal profile, which allows your website to get listed among others. By doing this, you start building your own brand by showcasing your characteristics with the help of tags. Sharing on social bookmarking sites also creates a sense of credibility among the audience as it leaves a positive impression of high quality links and content. The only criteria here is that the content should not be compromised on its quality anyhow, else the links won’t accomplish required results.

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