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Top 10 Tips to Make Your Web Content Go Viral

Anybody sharing content on social media is keen to have more views, traffic or subscribers as much as possible, but to do that one has to put some efforts. However, in case the shared content goes viral, the efforts would automatically reduce.

Sometimes, it goes viral by fluke and that’s not something one should expect while putting it on the web, rather you must know the right timing, content and people you are sharing it with. It takes a lot of precision for accurate placement of the content. Depending upon the luck isn’t a healthy trait for a marketer, as most of the time the results will not be favorable.

The tricks are not smooth as silk to follow, but it won’t be too hard once you try few methods to reach your goal. The following are few refined tips to adopt while putting the content on any network:

  1. Stay updated with current affairs

Stay updated


To get acceptance from the audience, you got to share something that is current and relevant to discuss at a given point of time. If no one is looking for the content you want to post, its not going to get anywhere. Anything trending on Google news section or Google trends is more likely to get attention than any other topic. Watch Twitter closely, its trends always break first, still the undisputed king of Hashtags.

  1. Think of right tags or keywords

Get found

To provide exact address to a location is required to make it found. Likewise, while sharing content on any network, tagging right keywords work as a landmark for the audience to find relevant content. Make sure you know it well before you post anything, plus social networks like Twitter and Tumblr focus primarily on Hashtags, so choose them carefully.

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  1. Create worth-sharing video

Although in terms of technicality there isn’t any rule as such to follow while shooting a video. Try to make it attention-seeking, use vibrant backgrounds if suitable with the content. Upload it on as many channels as possible like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook so as to get discovered by more users and possibility of sharing will improve.

  1. Make an effort to impress an influencer

Content mostly goes viral when an influential personality of a specific field who obviously has huge fan-following shares the content with a large audience. Tweeting about a small thing from a big celeb can get viral in few minutes.

  1. Contests are still underrated

If you want to spread info, please organize a contest. It gathers a lot more audience and is still something marketers don’t utilize it to its best potential. Creating a chance to win a price for your audience is really going to help you in finding your target user base. Facebook page and even Twitter is a great source to carry forward this idea.

  1. Pinch of sense of humor is a must

Image result for funny gif

Making something funny adds flavor to your point. As humans we prefer anything with a good sense of humor over anything else. It’s an undisclosed method of attracting audience, plus it never fails to get a reasonable audience. Funny images, GIFs or happy feel videos doesn’t need a target viewer, everyone is up for it.

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  1. Dare to surprise or shock

Putting a controversial or most talked about subject for your audience will surprise them and get more eye-balls than any other informative topic. Only thing to keep in mind is the right timing.

  1. Add more visuals

Visual appeal is best to seek attention for once but then you got to have a meaningful thought to hold on to your audience. Social platforms that are helpful in pushing more visuals like Tumblr and Pinterest should be preferred first.

  1. Do not forget to put it on Reddit

Image result for reddit

Your image or video can become a sensation on the front page of Reddit. Make sure you place it well in time. Interact with the community and you are likely to get few upvotes.

  1. Come up with something not-shared-before

Image result for unique

Do not repeat content of same taste, try to innovate with things and introduce something unseen or unread. People want to see new and refreshing content, avoid posting similar content seen before.

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