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What Is Influencer Marketing?

Marketing has been expanding its limits and becoming more flexible especially when we talk about online marketing. The prospects are way more wider than they were expected with the traditional marketing. Although this is still a topic of discussion that where are we getting ahead with it in terms of adapting it not the strategies and is there any other effective way to be used to enhance the results. One of the relevant subjects while discussing about the umbrella term Marketing is Influencer marketing. In simple terms, Influencer marketing is something that primarily focuses on associating and including as many leaders or public figures from a particular industry. This phenomenon takes your message to a broader audience to whom you wish to reach but that doesn’t happen as effectively as you might want to. The reach and the market an influencer covers helps in sustaining the audiences for a longer period of time that can result into possible consumer base.

With an influential personality, existing consumers are targeted , which is likely to give positive response due to the kind of authenticity the consumers hold. Many marketers also try to work with the influencers by inspiring or hiring them to shout out for your message in public. Influencer marketing is a by-product Social media marketing and content marketing. It has to coordinate with both to bring out the best combination for a small business. Most of the marketing campaigns these days are designed with the social-media element as the main factor to drive the whole thing in the desired direction. The reason for this is the inclination that influencers have towards Social media, they prefer to circulate or stand by something through their personal social channels. However, in few cases you will find a different approach, which is to add the content element as well. In this scenario, there are two possibilities either the marketer has to develop the content for the influencers to spread out or the influencers would pick the content of their choice as per their suitability.

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The benefits one can expect out of Influencer marketing can be found out when you know about word of mouth marketing. Though few still confuse these terms and at times consider them both as similar disciples but they are not. Influencers marketing is about interacting with the target individuals to give leverage to the message among existing contacts, friends and followers, whereas word of mouth marketing is the initial stoppage from where the communication starts. In short, one can say that word-of-mouth marketing is a part of Influencer marketing or influencer campaigns are driven by word-of-mouth marketing activities. Please note that advocate marketing should not be misunderstood, it is a bit different from the influencers marketing.

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Advocating for a brand, product or a service is to share the updates with the loyal community or those who have experienced using the product. Its about encouraging the exiting customers, while Influencer marketing is more focussed on involving and finding out new audience to build community and circulate the message as much as possible to gain and maintain new market base. The basic difference between the two is that Influencer marketing is a paid form of promotion whether through money or offering free products in exchange of the favour, on the other hand, advocate marketing is more of a driving force to motivate and expand the current users and to improve brand loyalty.

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At this moment, Influencer marketing is the hottest topic to talk about n the marketing arena. Over 51% of the marketing experts think that incorporating this type of method would be the quickest and most efficient among all. In fact, statistically if the implementation is right one can easily make up to $ 6.85 in terms of media value spent on the campaign. Therefore, the results are positive and marketers are getting more and more involved into such practices.

From audiences’ perspective, its the most believable and a strong persuading factor in helping them out with their decision making. Brands are more interested in associating the name with an influencer to elevate the stature of the brand image in the market. Also, helps in improving sales numbers as social posts generate a big percentage of the search results that counts into search engine ranking.

On the social canvas, its much easier to develop analytical report our of the campaign being conducted in comparison to the traditional methods. One can easily find out whats not working or not good enough for the audiences immediately by decoding the response from the audience. To funnel the actual its less-time consuming to analyse and further implementation doesn’t have to e tedious at all unlike the earlier methods.

Brands prefer an interactive initiative to attract audience and influencer marketing does exactly the same by making it a pleasurable experience for the consumers.

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