what is reddit karma and how to increase it

What Is Reddit Karma and How to Increase It?

New Redditors find it very difficult just to start on Reddit leave alone getting some Karma points. It’s because Reddit’s policies are very strict and subreddit moderators make sure that community guidelines are followed. Not following guidelins results in sudden ban from the community. So how you can start on Reddit? What is Karma on Reddit and how you can increase it? All of this is covered below.

Karma on Reddit refers to the points a user has earned by receiving upvotes or comments on his/her post. There are 2 types of Karma: Upvotes Karma and Comment Karma.

Karma score of a user shows how much he has contributed to the Reddit community. Approximately one upvote or a comment equals 1 Karma point.

Why do you need Karma points?

Karma Points

There are many reasons why you may need Karma points on Reddit. Below are the few important things you can do if you have a good amount of Karma points.

  1. Create Subreddit:
    You can’t create a Subreddit if you don’t have at least 50 Karma points.
  2. Join Communities:
    Many communities(subreddits) have minimum requirements and guidelines as to who can join their subreddit. Users only above a certain number of Karma points can join those special subreddits.
  3. Special privilege:
    Moderators will not ban you without any strong reason like they can ban small accounts having low Karma score.
  4. Respect:
    If you are new to Reddit then you should know this, Redditors take pride in their high Karma points. If you have a high Karma score, you are already a celeb on Reddit.

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How can you increase your Reddit Karma?

It’s simple to increase Reddit Karma if you follow some basic principles.  

1. Follow the subreddit guidelines: 

If you follow the community guidelines and do not post anything objectionable you will not receive any negative Karma.

2. Post relevant content:

If you post content in their respective niche subreddits, it’s more likely to get the attention of the users who share the same interests.

3. Use paid methods:

Increasing Reddit Karma can be a very time consuming thing and requires patience. But there are many websites that can help you boost your Karma instantly. You can buy Reddit Upvotes from any of the trusted websites and just relax while all the effort is done by someone else.

4. Post funny content:

This method is tried and tested by us and it’s one of the easiest ways to increase your Karma. All you have to do is join subreddits topics such as troll, funny, fan clubs, etc and post relevant memes or other fun stuff. You’d be amazed how quickly this will help you boost your Reddit Karma score. 

5. Regular posting

Posting regularly on subreddits can unlock regular growth of your Karma points. Make a habit of posting 7-10 times a week.

I hope this short article has helped you gain some kind of knowledge about Reddit Karma and how it works.

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