What to Post on Linkedin

What to Post on Linkedin

LinkedIn is the third fastest growing social platform after Instagram, which is picking up its pace like no other. But to know the advantages of the network is the key behind using it successfully. LinkedIn marketing strategy must emphasis upon the timing, quality and quantity of the LinkedIn Posts. Some LinkedIn tips for businesses regarding what the posts should be like are discussed in the points as under:


  1. Post at least 20 times per month

For improving engagement with the employees or concerned professionals, the posts must be planned and sincerely prepared to be posted regularly. It shouldn’t talk too much and say nothing rather must incorporate informative facts about your work place and industry updates. On an average posts must be done thrice a week at least if not more. This doesn’t bombard them with so much of stuff to sink in but maintains a normal pace of communication with the users.

  1. Share industry insights

Tell them about the less known facts and ground realities that only a member from the industry is aware of. Share a frank opinion about the current conditions in the market and request them to put their comments across as well. This helps them understand the situation, plus gets you more LinkedIn connections in return.

  1. Update your Career status

Whether as a member of team player, you must announce your position, designation and role in the company. It’s a LinkedIn Marketing tool that is suggested by the experts to include in your profile as that status helped others to understand your views in the right context.

  1. Employees can help

Those working in the company can share their experiences along with the news updates posted and ask for more comments to come in. They can also share the link with their contacts and connections. This helps in creating constant interaction with the interest groups and they might become new members on the group.

  1. Know about engagement percentage

One of the reliable LinkedIn marketing tips is to monitor and evaluate the engagement rate with the users. The analytical report allows you to understand what type of topics discussed has been interesting and participatory for the members.

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  1. Share news or upcoming events

Any latest event or news that can play a major role in the future decisions or market conditions, therefore, must be shared with your other members. It’s considered friendly and an appreciated gesture from the users’ point of view. Events to be taken place should be given importance and shared with as many as possible.

  1. Connect with others on the network

Build a strong communication channel with the competitors, employees, professionals. Include them all and count them in when it’s about having feedback. LinkedIn for small businesses is a golden opportunity to present their profile and get the best output out of it. Getting more contacts and generating leads from prevailing connections is the biggest advantage they have on LinkedIn.

  1. Share articles often

When it’s about listing LinkedIn marketing tips, marketers make it a point that the b log posts on other groups should be shared, of course the ones relevant with your subject. It grabs attention of similar interest groups, plus adds value to your profile.

  1. Publish your ideas

Being honest and edgy about the topics is a courageous trait to be found in very few but successful businesses. You must not hide away when it’s about explaining your perspective. Be open about it and should try to include some suggestive tips regarding the problem being discussed. It’s an effective way to increase your LinkedIn followers.

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  1. Don’t self-promote

Less of self-promotion will get you more attention, being subtle about your own achievements seems more inspiring and convincing. Try not to be eloquent about the endorsement you have been getting or any association with a renowned brand or entity.

  1. Avoid automated updates

Don’t depend on automated responses. To schedule a post is fine to an extent but when it’s about replying or interacting with the members, do not use any automatic reply. It’s considered to be a lazy act and also reflects a disinterested streak towards the followers or participants.

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